Lines taken out at launch

So I’ve been listening to lines on YouTube and the battleborn have lines for winning and losing matches like oscar mikes lose line "pizza party denied. Just wondering why these were taken out, @JoeKGBX would you mind answering

While I obviously don’t know THAT particular answer. There are a lot of lines and character banter that never made it into the game. Plus stuff like seeing your teammates health bars

In PVP or Story mode they would be cross talking to teach other all the time and I believe they toned down all the cross character talking due to the game being too hectic/noisy because honestly they were saying something every 5 seconds

So they made the game a bit more chill. As to why specific dialogue got deleted and not just moved somewhere else? Who knows

Ok, because there was dialogue I think for assists and stuff, that kinda sucks I really liked them but I understand, but why the lose and win match lines

The honest truth is I don’t know. @jythri may have some insights?


There are also lines referring to Badass enemies

Yup, are the helix kill and teleport lines taken out too, I swear I’ve heard them before

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They could leave them in and just add another option to the Audio Menu for different levels of battle chatter.

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I rather have that too, the fact they scrapped the assist and win lose match chatter saddens me, plus oscar mikes, marquis, and benedicts are great


Hey do they still have the helix and teleport kill lines

Seems like for every one line of dialogue in the rotation there are 3 that were held back. I’d like to know what the rationale was on that, as the voice acting is arguably the strongest point of the entire game and the lines we do hear are certainly beginning to get stale at this point. There’s compilation vids out there and you can also hear a lot of new stuff (including individual theme music!) in the very well assembled Skills Overview videos on the Battleborn YouTube channel.

Lots of great cinematic bits that seem a bit thorough to only use once and alternate official artwork in early promotional material as well, I wonder if any of the CG was a planned inclusion at one point or another… check out 2:26 and 2:47 for example [swoon]

or what about this beauty in hi-res as a new title screen image?