Linking my account caused me to lose my 75 keys. Help

So i just bought the remaster for borderlands and was told that if you own “THC” you would get 75 keys plus some helmets. When I loaded up the game for the first time all of the stuff was there, my keys, the helmets and everything. so i decide to link my account with shift as it already should have my other borderlands stuff on it. When I load back into the game, my keys were completely gone but my helmets stayed, i can prove that i have played both borderlands 2 and “TPS”
I just want to know if i can get my keys back or if they are somehow gone forever and i only got to use 5 of them.

Your best bet is to email Gearbox support and ask them to remotely unlock everything again.

You’ll need to submit a support ticket. Unfortunately, having the 75 keys disappear seems to have happened to quite a few people. Hopefully, the more information the support team can gather, the easier it will be for the developers to identify the cause and find a permanent fix.