Linking Steam and Xbox to Shift

I’m trying to link my steam and xbox accounts to my shift account for all the borderlands goodies.
When I click the steam icon I get taken to the steam site and then log in. Then the screen flashes to the shift page with “There was a problem, please try again” message and I’m signed out of shift. The same thing happens with xbox. If I go to my xbox account and look at linked accounts there is a Shift account that is linked. But it’s not linked in my shift profile. I’ve linked EVERYTHING except xbox and steam.

I’ve tried disabling all safe browsing stuff as well as completely disabling any ad blocker things in chrome. I get the same problem. Any help would be great.

I suspect the SHiFT site may be experiencing difficulties due to a high volume of traffic. There are other issues being reported between SHiFT and Steam right now. You can file a support ticket, but I’d also suggest waiting and trying again tomorrow.

OK I’ll try again later. I didn’t see anybody else having issues, so figured I’d start up a thread.
Thank you kind internet entity.

Whats the timeline on account related issues with the SHiFT site? Sent my request in 3 days ago–still waiting on a reply

Not sure - it really depends on ticket volume and, by the looks of things, it’s been pretty crazy the last couple of days.

It’s all good. I managed to work it out.

If anyone else is having problems with unlinking platforms on their old SHiFT account, just delete all cookies and cache info from your browser. It forces sign outs on all platforms and allows you to unlink on the SHiFT site.

Just deleting cookies from Gearbox/SHiFT/2K WILL. NOT. WORK.

I’ll update my ticket when I get back to my computer.

Thanks anyway.

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Ah! Now it makes sense. Thanks for reporting back.

I still can’t link steam or xbox to my shift account. Exact same issue. Click the steam icon. Get taken to sign into steam. Sign in. Go right back to shift with “there was an error please try again” and signed out of shift. I’ve tried it from my gearbox profile as well in the associations section. I’ve cleared my history of cookies and what not and have tried both chrome and firefox with the same results. I did submit a ticket, but haven’t gotten a reply.

I found a work around. When logging in I clicked the option to log in with steam. Xbox and steam were magically connected but none of my other already linked stuff were linked. So I re-logged in with the other account. unlinked all those things. Logged back in clicking the steam icon. Relinked everything…now it’s fine.

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