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There are many things that the Gearbox Forums need to stay civil. There are also a lot of community made topics that are very useful. Here are some of the important links in the forums:

Official Discourse Links:

Discourse Discussion
CodingHorror’s trust levels

Official Gearbox Links:

Forum Rules
New Forum Basics
Terms Of Service
Gearbox Badges
Staff Members
Gearbox Shop
Community BADASS

Community Made Links:

Trust Levels By @itsTwister
Forum Feedback Thread
Random Talk Thread
Your Item Finds Of The Day
IIem Finds Of The Day
Item Finds Of The Day BL2
Item Finds Of The Day TPS
Like Every Post Topic
BL2 SHiFT Codes

Community Guides

Community Krieg Guide
Community Axton Guide
Community Maya The Siren Guide
Community Salvador The Gunzerker Guide
Community Zer0 The Assassin Guide
Community Athena Guide
Community Wilhelm Guide
Community Nisha Guide
Community Claptrap Guide
Community Jack Guide
Community Lady Hammerlock Guide
Forum colour codes
Borderlands 2 O.T.D.H. Loot Maps
Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel O.T.D.H. loot maps
Lootology 101 - A compilation of community guides
Lootology 101 : The Pre-Sequel edition!
“Way of the hunter” - illustrated parables with our favorite MORDECAI

Enjoy your time on the forums and stay following the official rules, and the forums will be a better place for everyone!


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This needs a link to my profile.

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Does your profile have important forum information on it?

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Yes its a link to me, a famous person.



Worth a sticky!

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Thanks @Psychichazard! :wink:

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Why are you so covered in glue?

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Worth a mention!

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Excellent thread, @nathanielmattock! It is worth every bit of metaphorical glue!

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except in PH’s case where he tried to actually glue it to his screen again.
I think he’s getting old, like way older than you and you’re like 50.

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Thanks :slight_smile: and I found out how to use colour so I am happy!

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C o l o u r!

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I have a problem. I can’t mention anymore people in the top post :scream_cat: What can I do?

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This is great, @nathanielmattock! I was actually working on one of these, but we can just use yours! Thanks! :smiley:

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Thanks For the thanks :slight_smile:

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Just PM’d you with a few links you may want to add. :smile:

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Doing it now… Stupid slow computer :wink:

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And… Done!

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You might want to include the community guides, like the one for Krieg:

The character guides are stickied in each character’s subsection for the different Borderlands games.