Linux support? [ducks behind table]

I know, I know. Us stupid geeks are only like 2% of the market share.

But - I LOVE Borderlands! I have played the original, BL2, and TPS, plus all the DLCs. However, I don’t have a Windows computer anymore. I realize I could go out and buy a Windows license, but I’m just not going to do that.

The two most recent games had Linux support, and although I gather this game will be Epic-exclusive for the first six months, and that kinda means no Linux, will this game have a Linux release when it comes to Steam?

If not, is anyone doing any Proton testing to ensure there’s no funky stuff that will prevent it from working on Linux?


Interested also, thanks.

I wouldnt count on it. They’ve already sold out half of their fan base. The minuscule number of linux players probably means nothing to them. I expect that 99% of post release development is going to be loot boxes and other microtransactions. 0 faith in this studio going forward till i’m proven wrong.

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Pardon my ignorance, but what is that in reference to? How did they do that?

By making the game an epic store exclusive. A pure betrayal of their fanbase. I doubt that they even coded for linux knowing the game would go to EPIC store which doesnt support linux. Probably wasnt worth their time, and apparently we the fans arent worth their time either.

Ohhhhh. I didn’t know that was confirmed.

Yeah, unfortunately it has been. Anyone not willing to submit to infesting their computer with chinese malware will have to wait till April 2020 to play the game.

It’s not - EA only bought the exclusive bit for six months; BL3 should hit Steam in March/April of next year.

Borderlands is already all about loot boxes, and has loads of microtransactions. I would guess that you’re talking about some other sort of loot box and sale item to show up in BL3 (and if so, what do you have in mind? So far, all I’ve seen is the standard fare of the sort that was already available in BL2).

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Back on topic, please. And no platform wars.


Since there’s only like, 3 of us linux users here, I guess i’ll point out that the remastered works fine on linux proton. Just need to delete the launcher and rename the goty.exe to launcher.exe. Or, more accurately, it’s got exactly the same bugs windows does.

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Okay, sorry for rehashing this discussion, but I just discovered that this game is going to be on Google Stadia.
You can confirm that here, if you like:

As I understand it, Google Stadia is Linux. No Windows components whatsoever. So, Gearbox IS making a Linux port, but there’s still no info on whether or not they might release a Linux client directly to consumers. Is there no news simply because a Steam availability discussion isn’t on the table yet?

I realize the game doesn’t come out for another few months, but why isn’t anyone chiming in here? Anybody know anything?

I might, MIGHT, be willing to try out Stadia if I didn’t have to invest $129 for an official controller, plus another $60 for BL3. Now we’re up to $189. On top of that, I pay quite heftily for going over my data caps each month (between $50 and $100 each month). So the initial investment to play BL3 for one month on Stadia could cost me around $250, and it would continue to cost me $50 to $100 per month on my internet bill, just for the ongoing privilege of playing something I’d rather just download from Steam once and be done with it.

I would love Linux support for this game. My whole family run Debian on all our computers and we all played BL2, and TPS. The only reason we never touched BL1 was lack of support for Linux. Would be nice if we could continue playing on BL3. We certainly aren’t switching platforms just to play one game, and I don’t buy games to run them on proton. I only pay money for games that have real, official, Linux support. I’m stoked to play this game and super disappointed I can’t.