Lip-Sync is way off

Just like in Colonial Marines.
What give fellas?

It is because Duke is just a skin or Gray.

This is something People Can Fly are aware of, and have commented in their Blog that they are working on it.
They even have a before and after video, showing the improvements they made to Duke Nukem, so the lip-sync will line up with his dialog instead of Grayson’s.

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But that makes no sense. Those things should be addressed before the product is released.

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It makes sense.
You could actually read People Can Fly’s blog post about it.

They specified in the blog that to them, getting the base game up and running in the best shape possible was their primary goal. Nothing else came before it. The remaster of Bulletstorm came first.

After the base game was finished, then attention was shifted to the DLC.

And this was the right decision.
The DLC should ALWAYS come after the main game. In every case. If this had been an issue with the base game characters, then yes, I’d agree it should’ve been fixed before release.
But, as a bug in a DLC… it’s far from being a serious problem.

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It’s far from being a serious problem?..
Granted, it may not be as distracting as Dukes voice and current persona, his dialogue, his timing, etc., but have you ever played this game or Colonial Marines (which had the same sync issues)?
I’m certain I’m not the only one who finds it terribly distracting and irritating.
But then, of course, some people enjoy “getting under peoples skin”, don’t they?

I don’t see it as a serious problem because it’s a small issue that only shows up in a DLC.
It’s not an issue in the main game, which IMO is the reason to play Bulletstorm.

And, the Duke DLC lip sync it being worked on and will be fixed soon.

Bulletstorm’s lip sync issue with Duke is because the model is lip syncing to Grayson’s old dialog, and not Duke’s new dialog. It’s a bug.

And yes, I’ve owned Bulletstorm since the original 2011 release, and I own the Full Clip Edition.
And, the lip sync in the main game is the same as it was in the 2011 release. But, the issue with Duke in the DLC is being fixed.
Or… I don’t know… read PCF’s blog. Watch the video.

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