List for new skins?

Is there anywhere that shows them?

Also has anyone been lucky enough to get any yet.

I have only gotten skins from the award packs and none from purchasingšŸ˜­

A Dev confirmed on reddit that they are only Alani skins. I hope you havenā€™t wasted credits hoping for new ones.

No I havenā€™t bought any today, but since launch I have. What tier skins are available in the game right now?

Tier 1. Iā€™m not sure why they havenā€™t released Tier 2 when itā€™s already in the game. If you play a PvP match against bots they use them sometimes.

Can anyone provide a quote of what was said? Reddit makes no sense to me and I canā€™t find a thing, nor does there seem to be an obvious dev tracker there.