[List] Heads and Skins

I took over a list I found in another forum and updated it. Thanks to all the people who started the list.

BL TPS Heads and Skins List

Original post in another forum
Holiday Themed Heads and Skins Video
Claptastic Voyage Heads and Skins Video

redtwotwo - EMPR-TP head from Felicity
Angelripper - Voodoo Doll head from Felicity
Lissybaby001 - The #1 Head Biotch from Felicity
Ryker61 - Captain Pandora and Deadly Knightshade are unlocked with Claptastic Voyage DLC


Thanks for taking over.

Question. In the file, on lines 136 and 137 you have the skin listed as default but the description as unknown. Sorry, I am not at my console but I am creating my own checklist and was wondering whether these skins were default or unknown.


Those skins appeared after an update. They were not in the list when the game came out. I just don’t know which update and I couldn’t find any information about it. I supposed they are default since I didn’t find any information about how to get them.

Ok, thanks.


My buddy received the EMPR-TP from Felicity. And this [post][1] shows nisha’s voodoo head came from her. Can we officially call this line a drop from Felicity?

[1]: Item Finds of the Day

I read the post you mentioned. I have been farming felicity for three days with no luck.

Lets write it down as source waiting for additional confirmation


Sure. But my coop friend did receive the claptrap head from her. Would be good for further proof though.


In the Production Plant or in the Holodome?

Production Plant.


It doesn’t show, it says. Anyone can say that a head dropped but without a screenshot for proof can they really be trusted 100%? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d like it to be true because the Gynoid Agent is the only head I have left to unlock for Athena.

I got the # 1 Biotch head for Aurelia from Felicity two nights ago as well which falls in the same row as the others mentioned I am starting to think that is must just be a very rare drop from her.

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Thanks! A screenshot would be nice :smile:

Normal, TVHM or UVHM? Solo or Coop? Platform?

I have been farming Felicity on TVHM PC version with no luck. I will continue until I get it.

I was playinng with Aurelia in UVHM and it was during the story mission, I had a friend also in my game with a level 30 Jack I was helping to level up. ** Xbox 360

I updated the list with the skins dropped by the loot bug.

Teh Earworm now drops the skins for every class.

The Sponx still drops only Fragtrap’s Couch Cushion skin.

I still can’t confirm that Felicity drops voodoo doll, gynoid agent, void rocker, empr-tp, jacked up or the #1 head biotch heads. I’ve been farming her with no luck.

A lot of unconfirmed skins and heads unlocked with the last update (May 19th). But some of them unlocked only in a couple of my toons, so I can’t say the update unlocks all of them.

Considering I now have none of my heads/skins after the update… fyck that update lol

Also love how alll these kids apparently got a head drop off of Felicity but not even a single screen shot… Everyone playing this game knows these heads are unconfirmed, yet it dawns on none of them to snap a quick pic real fast… sure people

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I know. Yet, it could be a world drop. I’ve read a lot of posts about the missing heads dropping from Deadlift, Zarpedon, The Bosun or RedBelly and none of them took a screenshot of it.

I’m tired of farming Felicity now. I’m just waiting for someone to come up with a screenshot confirming the heads.

Was gonna give Felicity a shot myself but seeing your luck I may just pass on that lol

I’ve received the Gynoid Agent from Felicity when I was playing as Wilhelm on TVHM, and the #1 Head Biotch from her as well when on UVHM with Aurelia.
Both during story mission, after that I’ve killed her almost 80 times but still haven’t seen other head drops.

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Finally. During story mission TVHM

Thanks to all!

Now the Gynoid Agent