[List] Heads and Skins

I found Jack’s Could Eat No Fat head. I had to adjust the list.

Finally!!! Bosun has been so stingy with this skin. I finally have it!

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Does it have to be during the story mission? I’ve been farming Felicity without having the story mission active like FOREVER and I have not seen a single head drop. The only thing I get are skins for the moonbuggy or stingray, that is if they don’t fall through the floor when she shoots her loot out.

Probably. I only got the heads during the story mission.

Time to reset my UVHM playthrough, hopefully luck will be on my side this time and I won’t get constant vehicle skins and Quasar grenade mods.

Hey, thanks for the skin guide. I’ve been farming Torks for the Leader of Men skin for my Doppelganger for some time now and have yet to get it. Is that a confirmed source, or do I just have the worst luck with this drop? Also, is there any enemy inside of the Claptastic Voyage DLC that could drop it? Be getting that soon, so I’m curious.
EDIT: Forgot to ask, is there any indication of the rarity of this skin? Based on the farming, it seems legendary.

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I’d like to know about this as well. Love the BL series and what GB/2K has done overall but TPS has some of the most ridiculous drop sources for skins, the various Torks being a prime example. Grrr!!

Also, no word yet on a source for the Trickster heads? I thought I read a couple people got them during the one update but none of my toons did. Wonder if GB is aware of this, although I think they still have bigger problems to address before tackling issues like this.

After farming with Athena all this time, I finally got Felicity to drop a head but unfortunately, it was the “Could Eat No Fat” Jack head. At this rate, it’ll take me months before I get Gynoid Agent head for Athena =/

I can totally sympathize. I was farming the story mission today with Nisha and finally got my first Felicity head drop…and it was also Jack’s! I’ve now gotten both of Jack’s toughest (?) heads from the vanilla game but have yet to see either of Athena’s or Nisha’s Voodoo one. So annoying.

Were you farming the story mission or did it drop in later runs?

I was farming during the story mission but I’m trying to see if she’ll drop some without the story mission active since I had to save because of the Jack head & I don’t want to reset my UVHM playthrough again lol

Same problem here. Let me know if you have any success. Everyone I’ve seen who’s gotten them to drop was farming the story mission.

Sorry for the late response. Yes, it is very rare to get this particular skin from Torks. Just make sure you target Tork Dredgers (or Sappers as they are called in TVHM). I forgot their name in UVHM.

I’m sorry but I haven’t heard about the Trickster heads source either. I got them after an update and only in a couple of my toons.

Believe it or not, I finally managed to get the skin on UVHM from a Devourer (Dredger) a little bit after posting this. It’s a green-rarity looking skin, only a bit lighter. Jair is right, definitely target Dredgers/Sappers/Devourers. Best bet is on UVHM in Outlands Canyon.

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I am so happy to find this!! :smiley: :smiley: iv been farming the sentinel for months now, because the borderlands wiki stated that… these heads drop only from Zarpedon and the Sentinel. I Guess the site was a bit off. Thanks guys for confirming this!

You’re referencing the Felicity heads? If so, make sure to farm the story mission for them. I haven’t yet heard of anyone getting them to drop after the story mission has been completed.

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You cant get after story mision only during story mision she drop heads

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Indeed. Felicity heads (Voodoo, Gynoid agent, Could eat no fat, Void rocker, Empr-trp, and the # 1 biotch ) have been my goal for a few months now…Judging by the borderlands wiki… Zarpedon and the sentinel drop them. (Recently was changed back to Felicity Rampant). After discovering this page, borderlands wiki was at fault. The pictures above are solid proof. Story mode farming here I come!! :smiley:

Update On story mode, Felicity Rampant did drop for me thus far - Void rocker, The # 1 biotch, Gynoid agent, and Empr-tp head. I confirm she only drops them during story mode. Thank You!

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Does that EMPR TP head just drop from that one story chance with felicity or can you farm her for it after you complete the story