List of Active Players (w/ links to Steam profiles)

Frightning_Lightning | Beat game
kringled | Beat game
equalex | Beat game
Xervous | Beat game
Speed Demon | Beat game
CajNatalie | Beat game
Armando | Beat game
CarlRaven | Beat game
padam1989 | Beat game
stouty22 | Beat game
m0rla | Beat game
Kin | Beat game
AceGoober | Beat game
Ryoushinteki | Beat game
Espio | Beat game
billthebetta | Beat game (Has 3 level 69 characters - Will start a new playthrough for the hell of it)
Klopotinsha | Beat game
Fluffypancakes10 | Beat game
Overlordgam3r | Beat game
cheukyi6 | Beat game
peacauve | Beat game
DrRaven | Beat Game
OttoNL | Beat Game
Rivotril Jackson
Pirate Mom | Level 59ish Soldier.
Shadows | Just started playing again.
mudkieps | Just started playing.
Fr0stPh03niX | Level 59 Soldier

Sorry, man. This is for the original Borderlands. You would have much better luck in the PreSequel forums.

Whoops sorry, didn’t see that.

I removed these two players from the list today. Their profiles couldn’t be viewed or located for some reason. If these players request to be back on the list I’ll gladly add them.

I’m active, just started playing fresh.

Added you to the list.

Please add. I’m on regularly.

You’re on the list.

Could you add that I have 3 level 69s? Also, I’m willing to start up a PT for the hell of it.

Updated your info.

Moral values do not allow me to play The Pre-Sequel more than I went through it once… lol :О
Need to play the original Borderlands urgently to heal my soul!

take me on board please

Accidentally spoiled my gamespi’s savegames, because i’m an idiot, so now i have only one hunter lvl 50 and freshly baked Brick lvl 20 23 24…

I’m pretty active player, but sometimes I can stand like a donkey and gazing for a long time at some little thing like garbage lying in the beautiful water, purple flower with such bulky leaves, shiny Eridian ruins, overflying sprite or just seemed, the sunrise or just at an interesting texture… really, I DO love squatting and admire that dirt! People who made it are freaking genius!! damn love this game :О


69 Lilith, hoping to start new characters, add me up

I’m actively playing this game linky link down below

Fr0stPh03niX Level 58 Soldier

I’ll add you soon!

Add me please. Moved the save files from my another Steam acc to the current one
cheukyi6 Level 69 Lilith

Add me to the list, just started playing again

45/80 achievments, GOTY version.
edited for more info.


I finally added all of you. Sorry for the delay.

Active once again! Lvl 69 Siren.

Pretty active but I also got a job, so I might not be available 24/7 xD

I have 1 lvl 69 soldier with decent gear. Only looking for a good combat rifles, as they just do not drop for me.