List of Active Players (w/ links to Steam profiles)

@OttoNL @DrRaven

You’re both added.

Just started getting into the game again. Going to be actively playing and I’m open to playing with groups as any class.

I started playing again, currently a level 20ish Hunter (or at least I think that’s where I’m at, I haven’t picked up the game in a week or so but I’m at the point in the story where you fight Mad Mel)

Feel free to add me on Steam!! @Magnezone

Sup. Heavy BL1 player, have out in over 200 hours since april. Super into hunting for perfect loot and get very excited when I see rare stuff.

You’ve probably seen me in Finds of the Day across all three games.

If you wanna be someone i yell at when i find cool stuff and/or are someone who can help me tell if my stuff is good, then by all means. Add me.

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lvl 30 soldier, about 36% through the game. Add me if anyone wanna duo (no mic), from eu. DuskHome or if it doesnt work costap1

69 mordy and 45 slab king

I’m active, and always playing one BL game, whether it’s the first one, 2, or TPS.

I have:

Mordecai: 26, 45, 67
Roland: 11, 41, 47
Lilith: 69
Brick: 11, 69

I’m active and if anyone wants to add me and hit me up it’s LordRayken on Steam

I’ve been using the new custom class that NolaFTW made.

Just looking for someone to play some BL1 with.

Own all DLC’s.

I play about almost every day (Also, no mic.)

69 Brick
69 Roland
69 Mordy
14 Roland
21 Brick

Guys, I’m starting the whole journey back again, because I’m an old PS3 player and I am now on PC, so feel free to join me if you’re in the mood to be a Badass !

EDIT : btw, I’m on Pacific Time zone (living in Auckland New Zealand atm) and hold all DLC !

Current stats

Game edition: GOTY
Current character(s): LV. 69 Hunter (not sure if there come more)
Current playtime: 177 hours (and it’s going up)
Current number of achievements unlocked: 70/80 (I’m going to unlock them all)

Important note / Disclaimer

In my opinion, dashboarding is nice and fair, but I don’t feel comfortable with playing through any custom-made content, cheating or using modded gear taken from teammates, intentional exploiting and using any third-party software aimed at getting perks not provided by the game itself, so if you’re about running through the Crimson Armory time and again without the countdown timer activated, duping perfect weapons/items, killing Crawmerax with one shot to make him drop 10 pearlescent items at once or running through an unofficial location to eliminate an enormous horde of various enemies in order to get to a gazillion of crimson lance chests, please keep in mind that I’m not a person to play the Borderlands that way. This game is a genuine masterpiece (well, I believe that applies to the entire Borderlands franchise) delivering a lot of fun to its players just as it is, and cheating does nothing but ruin one’s BL gaming experience. Thank you for your understanding :wink:

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