List of all of the best Non-legendary/non-unique guns?

I am curious to see what everyone thinks are some of the best regular guns to look out for while playing the game and leveling up? It would be cool to get a list going of all of the best guns from each gun type.

To give an example, when it came to BL2 snipers I always looked for Jakob’s Muckamucks, Vladof Droogs, and Maliwan Sniders.

So please list some of your favorite non-legendary guns and their manufacturer (I.e Atlas Q-system).


Who makes this and what type of gun is it?

Dumptruck. Got to shoot him in the booty. It’s one of the first side missions.

While levelling, I like Atlas gun with tracker except the explosive pistol. I like as well torgue shotgun sticky mode and shockwave Maliwan shotgun

“Host” line of shotguns ~ Hyperion
“Masher” line of pistols ~ Jakobs
“Protuberance” line of shotguns ~ Torgue
“Stagecoach” shotgun ~ Jakobs
“Lump” line of rocket launchers ~ Torgue

Ah gotcha. This gun is a unique though. What I’m trying to do is just get a list of the best regular weapons to look out for. Examples:

  • Hyperion Powerplay - SMG

  • Atlas Q-system - AR

  • Maliwan Terminator - Shogun

Carbuncle pistols and Protuberence shotguns.

The pistol is kind of a single shot shotgun typically with an elemental effect. Brutal stuff.

Protuberance is a frag grenade launcher. High elemental chance and damage…if you get a good one.

Get those, and run the game for a while. Both are extremely rare. I’ve found 3 Protuberences that weren’t crap, and 7 Carbuncles. This is with getting close to 400 hours of play. They’re worth it.

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Q-Systems, x3 CoV pistols, certain CoV launchers, Wolfhounds, Diamondbacks, Hosts, Scatterguns/Stagecoaches, Mashers, high-damage Muckamucks, Proton Cannons, Everblasts, Bangsticks, Protuberances, Strangers, Quickies, Hedgehogs, Lumps, Creeches, Vreds, and Bagronks are solid purple weapons.

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Stagecoach - Jacob’s SG

Collipeen - Jakobs Sniper (basically a Wedding Invitation without the incinderary damage) great with overkill damage, loses its punch on M4

Bizzurker - COV AR , only COV weapon I really like including the legendaries, have a SNTL cryo that performs very well on M4

No Tediore - "Because they are just garbage with a trigger am I right ? "

Lots of regular Torgue weapons become pretty good if you have the right build

The Asp is a good sniper early game. Bangsticks and Quickies are good. I’ve had fun with the COV holey man as well.

Torgue AR’s, especially the Stranger can be pretty decent with a nice annointment/element.

Homing MIRV Tediore weapons.

Rocking Dahl Diamondback atm. I only have a blue one, but that already kills everything in M4. Can´t wait to find a purple one with 125% fire for next 2 mags.