List of all skills that are effected by level?

I have a huge favor to ask only if it’s convenient. Would anyone be able to list all skills from all characters that are based on level, such as Azton’s turret and Maya’s Blight Phoenix? It would be really appreciated, i’m trying out a few different builds and this would be awesome to know across all 6 characters.

Any rank skill or (things with flat damage) scales depending on level. Off the top of my head:

Blight Phoniex
Shock Storm
Death From Above
Interspersed Outburst
Scorched Earth
Hellfire Halitosis
Fistful of Hurt (I think that’s Sal’s uppercut)
Recompense (kinda sorta maybe technically since its damage would scale to the level of the enemy)
Kinetic Reflection (same deal, the damage returned scales with enemy level)
Shock and AHHHH
The Stare
One Two Boom
Explosive Clap

Hopefully this is what you were asking for.

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still crappy xD

But it looks cool in the 4th person, and the 5th, and however many other voices Krieg hears in his head…


Light The Fuse. This skill also gets a damage buff when in UVHM. However IIRC it doesn’t scale with OP level.

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That was EXACTLY what i was looking for, thank you!

LtF doesnt scale in op levels?!? Damn that sounds useless.

I can’t believe I forgot that one XD

Bit of an odd question, but which character has the greatest ability to “power up” weapons, per shot? You know, like boosting splash, gun damage, etc. Not DPS, like reload speed and such.

There’s Zer0 with CA and his crit bonuses. Then Gunzerker with money shot. Then Krieg with Bloodbath and Fuel The Blood also some skills in Hellborn (I think they’re mainly DPS though). Then Gaige with Anarchy and Wires Don’t Talk. Then Maya with Reaper and other bonuses (Accelerate, Mind’s Eye, Wreck’s gun damage bonus, etc.). Then Axton with his various skills (Impact, Battlefront, etc.).

That was not in order. I dunno which one is strongest when the numbers are crunched together as I don’t remember them all.

That is an odd question and I’m not so sure if there’s a clear cut answer for that. If basically any scenario goes then Zer0 with lots of CA pre-stacked and hitting crits with a sniper but I’m guessing you mean no prestacks. Sal’s money shot is really powerful too but requires you to empty your magazine first and it becomes really sick in conjuction to his other stuff and ability to chain it (which is DPS stuff).

For a single shot, no prestacks, I guess Zer0 with something like a Quad or a Muckamuck with the right skills hitting a crit out of Decepti0n… What are you after? What are you trying to make?