List of All Splash Weapons

Correction: The Shoddy - Fakobs - Unique Shotgun
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Sorry, could not resist. I love this thing BTW just for the humor value

You need to retest. Flipper does splash damage.

Why doesn’t it hurt me when I fire it at my feet? And why doesn’t it do noticably more damage after exiting IB? I was even used a Blast Master COM at the time.

Its got 0 splash radius and hence won’t do self damage. There’s quite a few splash weapons like this.

Possible diminishing returns here, Moze with a Blast Master on can have up to 206% splash damage before the anoint is added in. Hence the anoint only adds another ~50% to your overall damage (pre Short Fuse). Try testing with no skill points and only the Flipper equipped for gear, then you’ll see the damage increase. Testing if something has splash while wearing a full spec and gear has a ton of variables that can’t mess testing results.


I can confirm it does increased dmg after exiting IB.



Organized all the DLC 3 weapons into the list, also added the 2 splash weapons from the 2nd raid (Globetrottr and Web Slinger).

As always, if anyone sees a mistake let me know. I just noticed today I had the Yellow Cake under the wrong rarity, so I fixed that.

Also thanks Pris and Grz for double checking that. ^


DLC4 Splash Tests:
Lovable Rogue- Yes
Rebound: Yes
Prompt Critical- Yes (Note: Sticky appears to be bugged based on description, damage not increasing as number of stickies do on enemy)
Major Kong- Yes
Blind Sage- No, does roll with gunner 160% splash anoint(Maybe ricochet effect has splash)
Convergence- No
Blood-Starved Beast- No for normal shot, Yes for small chance to cause explosion on hit.
P.A.T. Mk. III- No from normal shot; Yes explosive damage when thrown reload hits enemy directly
Septimator- No from normal shot; Yes from underbarrel rocket(supposedly there is a shotgun variant but I have not found yet); Appears Yes from spawned meteors but difficult to confirm


So, any possibility of the list getting updated in the near future? It’s missing Fustercluck and Arms Race weapons.

I can add a section of not tested by me to fill in everything from dlc 4 and later if anyone can reliably test guns.

I currently have no plans of purchasing the new seasons or touching dlc 4.


Lootlemon generally has a section detailing whether or not something has splash damage. As for finding out if something can spawn with splash anointments, apocalyptech’s database has a page listing what can spawn with the generic Splash anoint. And if this isn’t enough, I can test some things if need be.

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