List of anointed for trade take a look

all of the following have good anointments and I have multiple variations

Phazerker mods with 25 increase weapon damage
Rakk attack mod w 45 percent critical w/ Jacobs
Night hawkin
Laser sploders
Lucians call
Rawans call
Face puncher
Conference call
Loaded dice

LF it’s piss anointed
Rakk attack /25 percent increase in damage
Last stand auto idol
Maggie w great roll
Or 100 percent rakk items

I need a gamma burst spooling recursion

I have 30 percent life steal after rakk use
Cry / with bonus cry damage A lot of phasecast ones , and one where you get an extra rakk charge

I need gamma burst u got a 50 corrosive transformer sheild???

I have gamma burst Brainstormer

Not transformer but stop gap shield that’s nice

I have the redundant brainstormer

I got a maggie gamma for stop gap

Do you have anything on the list that I mentioned ? But join my game we will figure it out

Gt AZZBlood4Fun

Is there a space

Ya what’s you GT