List of bugs I have experienced in the game

  1. Item info pops up on screen but never leaves without you pausing the game.
  2. When fighting graveward sometimes loading in the game causes it to reflect every bullet shot at it.
  3. Unlocking the legendary skin raven by pressing activate resulted in me never obtaining the skin and having the item dissappear.
  4. When going to fight the second boss in the game you approach his building and there is a closed gate that never opens again.
  5. One of flak’s pets will occasionally yeet a barrel at you when there is no one to attack
  6. After finishing the first playthrough all fast travel machines in that playthrough were reset and now I have to rediscover everyone, essentially meaning I have to travel everywhere again for convenience of all the missions I accepted.
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As for the last bug I also ran afoul of it. And also ran into the wondrous level of ineptitude at the Gearbox Customer Service. Check my post for that lovely experience.