List of character skins and heads (including all DLCs)

If there’s no mechanism for doing so right here on the forums, email or Discord would probably be easiest: Contact


The forums don’t do file transfer. I’d suggest exchanging contact details by PM (unless you want some rando pinging you in 6 months time) Also, we do get quite a lot of bots trawling the forums for links.

Yeah, I’m aware of the dangers of posting contact stuff. That’s a public page, though, and I have confidence in my spam filters. :stuck_out_tongue: My contact info’s already out there; the bots already have it. :slight_smile:

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Aha, okay, got to the bottom of that 43/44 thing – turns out that there’s simply an extra copy of the DLC5 (Designer’s Cut) “final form” heads. So there’s two Partali Renegade heads, two Grand Archivist heads, etc. There doesn’t appear to be any differences between 'em, alas.

So! Fairly uninteresting, in the end. If you spawn 'em in to your game you could get the head-count to show up as 44/44, at least, but then you’d have a doubled-up entry in your head list.

what heads do you have that other’s don’t and how did you get them? The list at the start of the thread seems to only show 39 and it’s current through DLC6.

I think we’re not supposed to get too specific with unlocking stuff like that, but check out the Google Sheets near the bottom of the main post in here; you should find some info in there. :slight_smile:

I can surmise how some people got a few extra heads/skins and they’re probably all on PC.

for some odd reason my Amara’s show 44 heads but my other characters only 43.

I also can never get the Art of Stealth for Zane or FL4K–whenever I complete the radio tower challenge (which I’ve done about 10 times) it’s either a Moze or Amara skin (even when playing as Zane or FL4K it only unlocks for Moze/Amara).

That skin is RNG. I had all of them after the 5th time of completing the Moxxi Crew Challenges with different characters. My first ever playthrough of the game and doing the challenges with Amara didn’t gave any skins. As I remember, somebody also had commented here a few months ago, that he didn’t receive any Art of the Stealth skin with Amara either. It still might be bugged for Amara, so beware.

Edit: the comment was actually in my other cosmetic list.