List of common grenade jump locations?

Did the developers plan for grenade and rocket jumping?

Has anyone ever put together a list of important or hidden locations that can only be accessed by grenade jumping? After so many years with the game, I have to wonder how much I missed not knowing about it, earlier.

Hey, thanks for your time and attention!

There’s a weird one in Torgue’s DLC - on one of the buildings in the main crater is a vane with a unique vandalized “Fully Torgue’d” sign on it. You can’t actually jump up there, but you can get pretty close.

There is also a legit one - access to an actual red chest in Hammerlock’s DLC:

From the end of Ardorton Station (where the Fast Travel is), walk through the nearby boundary to Hunter’s Grotto. You’ll be on the stub of a broken bridge, but if you can clear the gap to the next standing bridge station, there’s a red chest there. The jump is tricky but quite possible.

It seems like there were way more, but I’m so out of touch with that game now. :confused:

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Look up “Grenade Jumping locations” on YouTube; you’ll find more than you would asking around here. There are a few unreachable chests accessed using double badaboom/two for one grenade jumping with Sal, I believe. There are quite a few, maybe four or five.

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Seems as though it wasn’t really considered a thing for the original Borderlands. Does that sound right?

There’s a Claptrap that waves at you from above Fyrestone that you can only get to with multiple grenade jumps. So I suspect it was something the developers knew about and anticipated people would try. I don’t know if there are other spots, but that’s the most obvious one.


I’m going to assume they did. I first rocket jumped in Marathon in 1995 (and there were earlier examples), so it’s been part of of game mechanics for quite a while.

I don’t do it much in the BL series cuz, well, I’m really bad at it.


It’s a quirk of rocket knockback/Player character physics in Unreal; to not include it would essentially be ignoring the quirks of the engine. Another classic is framerate being tied to a lot of the combat math; although it has less noticable effects.

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Do you mean the Lime Green Claptrap by Zed’s house? All you need to see his animation is go on top of the roof of the house nearby. If I remember correctly, there is neither a red chest or any acheivement of value from this unlike Borderlands 2.

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No, but he waves and invites you over so nicely it would be a shame not to at least attempt the trip? This involves multiple grenade jumps up the cliffs outside Fyrestone, and I haven’t succeeded yet. Which makes me wonder if it was fixed in the remaster.

Or, I could just be really bad at grenade jumps!

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I tried to bypass the initial Robolution missions to reach the Claptrp Rescue. It did not go well. There’s a video that makes it appear easy. It is NOT easy. I couldn’t even get the first three jumps right.

Rocket-jumping in Doom and Quake was easier and more predictable.

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