List of Echo Themes, Room Decorations, Weapon Trinkets, Weapon Skins and Emotes (including all DLCs)

If anyone on xbox gets an extra slot shot trinket could you send it to me, I’ve been farming these bots over the past 3 days and somehow haven’t got one to drop.

Is it possible to get the amd echo skin on xbox, I have a code and when I go to try an redeem it is just say redeem with epic account

Interesting. Are you sure? Do you have that code?

Try in game or shift site.

I killed 2 mimics today and got this trinket twice.

@apocalyptech I can confirm that Stanley is the drop source for Handsome Jackpot decoration. He dropped it for me after first kill today. It was bugged at beginning and once GBX fixed it in one of previous updates it works now.

Right now I’m missing 2 decorations:

  • 5KAGB8 - I don’t know how I’m still missing this one. Will farm Graveward.
  • Saxophone - looks like Third Rail is the correct source, but he is only available during side mission which sucks.

Besides those two items I have all obtainable customizations, so thanks for all the sources.

Awesome, thx for the info! Good luck on your remaining farms. :slight_smile:

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I can send you 5KAGB8 AND Saxophone is you play on epic

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Funny thing. Killed GW around 20 times on M4, no 5KAGB8 drop. Then decided to turn Mayhem off, cause this room decorations is white rarity and it dropped after first kill :smiley:

Thanks but I’m on PS4. Will farm saxophone once I start the dlc second time with my Amara or in coop.

NP, sax is a cool decoration but the holo-jack is my fave by far from this DLC

Yeah it’s great. Sadly coop players cannot interact with it, the same is with Wotan head.

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I thought the Saxophone decoration is lost forever, but nice to see it can drop. The 5KAGB8 decoration I got it like a million times from the Sanctuary slot machine.

I would be really grateful if you would keep the Saxophone for some days until I get back to playing again. I got some Legendary weapons for exchange. Like Cutsman and Maggie.

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Got saxophone on third kill and now I have all customization items. It’s time to wait for a fix/unlock of the buggy ones and let’s hope the unobtainable too.


Thanks to the feb 13th patch the “Drop It” Weapon Trinket will be rewarded when you complete the mission “It’s Alive”

Updated the spreadsheet and the image galleries with the new items, btw. Feel free to link those from the main post, if you want!


If anyone has an extra sax wall decoration on xbox could you send it to me please?

I updated the list, thank you :slight_smile:

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I’m curious about it . The CE tables are outdated and don’t work anymore T.T

Must say, Neon Peach don’t drop for me in Sisterly Love sidequest . I farmed Debt Collector like 10 times and the same for Jack bot (It seems
for some people dropped there) and still nothing😢.