List of ideas I have for character skins/taunts

I’m working on a compilation of taunts and skins that I feel could be in the game. I’ll keep trying to add to the list as I think of them, but I’m aiming to have at least two taunts, and three skins per character. Hopefully you guys find it enjoyable, and hopefully the devs draw some inspiration from them if they happen to glance over it.

[details=Alani]Taunt #1: Fish Out of Water - Alani erupts from underground via a geyser, lands hard on the ground, and starts flopping like a fish out of water.

Taunt #2: Workout Session - Alani creates a spinning water wheel. She then jumps inside and starts running at a brisk pace. She eventually can’t keep up, and gets sucked into the water wheel before ultimately getting spewed out on the floor.

Taunt #3: Fabulous Springs - Alani starts vogueing, with trails of water mimicking her arm movements.

Skin #1: Young Akopos - Alani sports a white hooded outfit similar to that of a Jedi. A red sash is used as a belt.

Skin #2: Waverider - Alani wears a pair of swim trunks and bandage wrappings around her chest. There’s sandals on her feet, and she’s also wearing red-lined sunglasses. On her back is a surfboard. Maybe she also has a slight tan.

Skin #3: Element of the Universe - Alani wears a costume similar to Zan (of the Wonder Twins), with it colored in white, red, and blue.[/details]

[details=Ambra]Taunt #1: Celebration - Ambra plants her staff into the ground. She then strings a red ribbon around it and proceeds to do the Maypole dance (with music playing in the background).

Taunt #2: A Quick Match - Ambra rides on her staff, carrying a solar orb in her hand. After circling around a few times, she throws the orb at the screen. (Think quidditch from Harry Potter).

Taunt #3: Firebrand - Ambra grabs a microphone, and proceeds to mock the enemy by spouting random insults (related to attire, appearance, and lack of a challenge).

Skin #1: Solar-Sailor - Ambra gets dressed up in a Sailor Moon-like outfit, and her staff becomes a magic wand.

Skin #2:: Aztec Goddess - Ambra’s outfit is basically made to resemble what would be an Aztec-like attire for a priestess.

Skin #3: Wickedness - Ambra gets a black, feathered overcoat, and her staff turns to wood; with the tip being a series of branches with a flame inside. The hair at the very top of her head is bundled into a cluster of horns.[/details]

[details=Attikus]Taunt #1: Stampede - Attikus drags his foot against the ground, then charges angrily before tripping over himself.

Taunt #2: Turn Style - Attikus flops on his belly, then proceeds to spin around on it like a top.

Taunt #3: Jennerit Slam - Attikus generates a Hedronic Orb, then proceeds to leap into the air and slam the orb like a basketball. The camera is centered on the ground, looking up as he slams it.

Skin #1: Northern Coat - Attikus sports brown fur over his body, and his horns become reminiscent of that of Bullwinkles horns.

Skin #2: Prehistoric - Attikus is clad in grayish scales, and bears the horns and head plate of a Triceratops.[/details]

[details=Benedict]Taunt #1: Oops… - Benedict aims his launcher at the screen and attempts to fire. It doesn’t, so he turns it around and looks inside, only for the rocket to explode. The ensuing backblast spews out black smoke that blows his hairline back, and coats his face in black (think Looney Toons with Wiley Coyote).

Taunt #2: Call of Victory - Benedict lifts into the air, spreads his wings, and releases a loud, iconic Eagle call.

Skin #1: Firebird - Benedict sports a denser feather line on his head that’s bright yellow, and his wings turn a mixture of red, orange, and yellow; with flames at the tips of his feathers. His armor becomes a darkish-grey color.This gives him the appearance of a Phoenix.

Skin #2: Iron Wing - Benedicts wings become purely metallic, as is his body. His chest has a series of glowing, orange lights. His talons become like razor blades, and his beak is much more curved. His eyes are replaced by bright yellow glass eyes, with circular, camera shutter lids covering them.

Skin #3: Danger Zone - Benedict gets an oxygen mask to cover his face, as well as an avionics jumpsuit. His wings are painted with a digital blue, grey, and dark grey pattern. It’s basically a Top Gun skin.[/details]

[details=Boldur]Taunt #1: Shield Rider - Boldur throws his shield onto the ground, and rides on top of it in a circle (ecstatically of course).

Taunt #2: Worthy - Boldur swings his axe and releases it from his hand. He keeps his hand out expecting it to come back, but shortly after he gets a worried look on his face; as if he doesn’t expect it to come back. It does, and he lets out a war cry (this is an homage to Thor and his hammer Mjolnir).

Skin #1: Motorhead - Boldur wears a Harley Davidson-like jacket with black sunglasses. His shield is transformed into a motor that has been compacted into a square, while his axe becomes a tool wrench.

Skin #2: The Plumber - Boldur wears a pair of overalls, along with a dark green shirt. He also sports a brown cap. His axe becomes a Plunger (every time he hits someone it makes a suction sound). His shield turns into a wide and flat, orange toolbox.

Skin #3: Jolly Good Time - Boldur wears a Santa outfit, with his axe being replaced with a two-sided candy cane, and his shield is a flat, circular present box[/details]

[details=Caldarius]Taunt #1: The Countdown - Caldarius kneels over and primes his thrusters (which start emitting red flames). He starts to count down from 3 to 1, and after reaching 1, the camera dramatically zooms in as he gives the camera the equivalent of a middle finger (Jennerit only have four fingers).

Taunt #2: Privacy Please - Caldarius turns around, and a zipper sound can be heard. He looks back at the camera, gives a statement, then launches a flashbang at the screen so no one can see him using the bathroom. As the screen clears up, the zipper sound can be heard again, and he turns around.

Taunt #3: Roll Out - Caldarius does the robot while making Transformer-like sounds.

Skin #1: J-HTX-MB “Robo-suit” - Caldarius’ armor becomes slightly more streamlined and colorful, and evokes the physical appearance of a Gundam.

Skin #2: J-HTX-JF “Pit Fighter” - Caldarius’ armor is slightly rusted, with small blood stains on his energy blade hand, his chest, and shoulders.[/details]

[details=Deande]Taunt #1: Deadly Duo - Deande poses with her Holotwin in a sort of runway model animation.

Taunt #2: Risque - A shower curtain pulls up around Deande, with a shadowy outline of her body behind it. The shadow begins to slowly take off articles of clothing, and before taking off her shirt, the real Deande appears up-close near the side of the camera and gives the “No” finger wag.

Skin #1: Deeper in Shadows - Deande sports a stereotypical ninja outfit that’s red and grey. Instead of War Fans, she instead uses Kunai.

Skin #2: Caliente - Deande is outfitted in a Mariachi Charro outfit (black and red of course).

Skin #3: Southern Bell - Deande wears a 1860’s like gown with a vintage hat. Her fan looks more like a traditional wooden/cloth fan.[/details]

[details=El Dragon]Taunt #1: Top Rope - El Dragon brings forth the En Fuego ring, climbs up the rope, then leaps off directly at the camera; causing the camera to shake and fall to the ground. It pans back to El Dragon flexing his muscles.

Taunt #2: Still Under Warranty - El Dragon starts flexing his muscles, and while in the process, one of his arms falls off. With a sense of surprise on his face, he quickly scoops up the arm, turns around, and snaps it back on. Once he does, he turns back towards the camera with his chest puffed out.

Skin #1: Macho-Man - Macho man Randy outfit. Nuff said.

Skin #2: The Bodyguard - El Dragon wears a grimy, white undershirt with khaki pants and no shoes. The skin name is what the attire is a reference to (and fits, because El Dragon is a bodyguard for the LLC faction).[/details]

[details=Ernest] Taunt #1: Shake and Bake: Ernest grabs two explosive charges and proceeds to shake them to “La Cucaracha”. The charges then begin to beep, and Ernest scrambles to throw them away.

Taunt #2: Malfunction - Ernest pulls out his detonator and pulls the trigger. When nothing happens, he repeatedly pulls the trigger and shakes the detonator until an explosion occurs in the background.

Taunt #3: PT Regime - Ernest drops to the ground and does push-ups. He starts off with both arms, then one arm, then he uses his stomach and breathes heavily to simulate a push-up.

Skin #1: You Hear Me Maggot!? - Ernest wears a green U.S. Army Officers uniform and officers hat (similar to Sergeant Hartman from Full Metal Jacket).[/details]

[details=Galilea]Taunt #1: Quick to Anger - Galilea tries out some poses, but doesn’t like how she performs them; getting angrier with each one she tries. Eventually, she becomes so enraged she turns corrupted. When the corruption subsides she gives a statement saying that she likes the corrupted pose.

Taunt #2: All of It - Galilea becomes corrupted, slowly pointing her sword towards the camera. As she lifts her sword, she says, “All your belongings belong to us.” She quickly drops her sword in confusion and ponders to herself, “Wait. Did I say that right?”

Skin #1: War-weary - Galilea’s armor is broken in many areas, revealing the black suit she wears underneath, as well as displaying her head in full (I’m curious what the top of her head looks like). Her blade is also shattered in certain parts, and her skirt is torn and ripped.[/details]

[details=Ghalt]Taunt #1: Gun-jitsu - Ghalt swings his Shotguns around body like nunchucks, with them firing every so often.

Taunt #2: Cut the Blue One - Ghalt starts tinkering with one of his Scraptrap devices, but the device starts to beep in his hands. He scrambles to find a way to deactivate it, ultimately succeeding and letting out a sigh of relief.

Skin #1: Battleballer - Ghalt wears a black vest with a white undershirt and tie. It comes with a black Bowler hat and gloves. His combat boots are replaces by large suede shoes. His hook is now gold with small gems in it.

Skin #2: The Sheriff - Ghalt sports a old fashioned sheriffs outfit. His hook is also transformed into a lasso (though I’m sure it would look kinda awkward without a new animation).[/details]

[details=ISIC]Taunt #1: Waste Disposal :frowning: - ISIC opens up the two pole-like ports on his back and spews out a blue-like gas. He then says, “What? It doesn’t even smel-- Ok, nevermind.” He waves his hand in front of his face after the realization.

Taunt #2: Who Will Win? - On the glass surrounding ISIC’s head, a game of Pong plays on the screen. ISIC looks at what’s going on, giving commentary. The side that wins is randomized.

Skin #1: To The Point! - The large exhaust port of ISIC’s body is replaced with an opening for a pencil sharpener, his chassis has a beige & black plastic finish, and inside his glass housing are pencil shavings.

Skin #2: Earthen Construct - Instead of machinery, segments of ISIC’s body are instead replaced with similarly-sized grey rocks. ISIC’s head chamber is instead replaced by a floating, fiery head on top of a flat surface with runes inscribed on it.[/details]

[details=Kelvin]Taunt #1: Cheerful Chill - Kelvin summons a mini snowstorm around him, quickly building up ice and becoming a frozen snowman.

Skin #1: Rocky Mountain - Instead of Ice, Kelvins body is now made of rock-like formations. Pointed edges become much more flat (including his hands).

Skin #2: Aurora - The tips of Kelvins ice spikes glow a different color.[/details]

[details=Kid Ultra]Taunt #1: Power Charge - Kid Ultra sticks out his blaster, and a high pitched humming sound is heard. His body starts to strobe white, then eventually turns blue, then red. During this time, the barrel of his cannon turns the same color, till he eventually release a large wave of red energy.

Taunt #2: Restart - Kid Ultra beams his way down into the ground, but then remembers that he forgot something. He then proceeds to explode in a shower of orbs (similar to Megamans entry and death in a stage).

Skin #1: Kid Vector - Kid Ultra’s body turns green, with his legs and arms being comprised of round shapes of various sizes. This evokes the image of Vector Man (who surprisingly has similar features to Kid)

Skin #2: Ultra Rocket - Kid Ultra’s is clad in iron armor with a large rocket on his back. The appearance is similar to that of Rocket Knight from “Rocket Knight Adventures”.[/details]

[details=Kleese]Taunt #1: Old School Revenge - Kleese pulls out a old electronic device. His chair then starts producing a lightshow and then he starts playing the electronic tunes used during the end of Revenge of the Nerds.

Skin #1: Kill-Leesi - Kleese wears a light-blue dress with long flowing grey hair. His Battlethrone becomes that of a stone throne, with small holographic dragons on the top of the chair.

Skin #2: Scrooge - As the name suggests, Kleese wears a business suit outfit, while the seat of this chair is replaced by red cushions. The throne itself is given a more wooden appearance.

Skin #3: Nightey Night… - Kleese wears a pair of pajama’s. His seat resembles that of a giant pillow, with the back having a metal frame.[/details]

[details=Marquis]Taunt #1: Droppings - A Hoodini owl lands on Marquis’ shoulder, and both stare into the camera. Soon after, the owl leaks black oil onto him. He then shoo’s the owl away, and proceeds to spurt insults at the owl while firing at it.

Taunt #2: I’m Calling You Poor - Marquis takes off one of his gloves, and proceeds to smack the camera with it; while also giving an insult.

Taunt #3: Duel to Remember - Marquis points the rifle end of Bindlebane into the air, and proceeds to turn away from the camera. He prefaces this by saying he’ll countdown before they shoot. The camera looks the other way, and a gunshot is immediately heard. The camera then falls to the ground, with Marquis laughing in the background.

Skin #1: No Heart - Marquis’ texture model is replaced by tin cans and rubber joints.

Skin #2: Huntsman - Marquis sports an British Hunting Outfit, and Bindlebane is instead replaced by a more wooden appearance.[/details]

[details=Mellka]Taunt #1: Breakdance - Mellka does the breakdance animation she uses in one of the trailers for Battleborn.

Taunt #2: Encroachment - Mellka starts showing signs of pain in her arm. Her gauntlet, and the veins leading to it, glow bright green. Mellka then makes a statement regarding her physical status.

Skin #1: Mad Mellka - Mellka wears a tattered brown shirt and baggy pants. Along with this, she wears a face mask with a scarf around her neck. Her venom gauntlet is replaced by a rusty crossbow, and she loses the green vines and bloodstream going up her arm and neck.

Skin #2: Spec Ops - Mellka gets a dark grey skin-tight suit, with thermal vision goggles (ala Sam Fischer).[/details]

[details=Miko]Taunt #1: Fungality - Miko kicks the camera, and it falls to the ground. Miko then takes off its mushroom head, then throws it hard against the ground. The mushroom immediately starts spinning (ala Kung Lao), then the camera starts moving towards the mushroom. It hits the mushroom, which stops spinning abruptly, and just falls over as Miko looks at it with a concerned face.

Taunt #2: Strength in Numbers - Numerous mushroom fungi appear around Miko. They then start singing a song while swaying left and right.

Skin #1: Bearer of Bad Fruit - Miko’s Mushroom head is replaced with a basket of fruit. It’s side skirts are replaced by tree vines with small apples growing within them. Miko’s face also becomes more brown, as if its wood bark.[/details]

[details=Montana]Taunt #1: Here’s Montana - Drops a large wooden plank in front of him; obscuring him from the camera. He then proceeds to shoot out the center of the plank with his minigun until its a clear whole. Afterwards, he pokes his head through and says, “HERE’S MON-TANA!”

Taunt #2: Epica - Montana pulls a book out of his pants pocket, and begins to quote a random line from one of Shakespeare’s plays.

Skin #1: Alot of Blood - Montana sports a black undershirt, a bandana, and his minigun is transformed into a large scale M60 machine gun (ala Rambo).[/details]

[details=Orendi]Taunt #1: Moment of Sanity–BWAAAH!!! - Orendi takes off her hat, and begins to speak more eloquently and engages in introspection before putting her hat back on and acting crazy.

Taunt #2: ROFLTID - Orendi laughs maniacally, kneeling over and gasping for air. She eventually collapses, and doesn’t move for a second or two, then springs back up on her feet. (The TID part of the taunt name is “Till I Die”)

Skin #1: Six-Legged Fiend - Orendi wears a dark red suit with a symbol in the middle of a six-legged bug in the middle. She gets a mask that covers her face, except for one eye and her mouth.

Skin #2: I Love U Soooo Much! - Orendi wears a Penguin outfit with an image of Toby.[/details]

[details=Oscar Mike]Taunt #1: Never Look Back - Mike walks slowly towards the camera as a bomb goes off behind him. He then slowly looks behind him, turns back around, then starts to run away (all while in slow motion).

Taunt #2: Strong Constitution - Oscar Mike threatens the camera by pointing his weapon at the screen. A spider then lowers itself in view of the camera in front of him. Oscar Mike begins to panic and starts shooting at the spider.

Skin #1: UPR-ST “Deep Cover” - Oscar Mike wears a ghillie outfit, with a green officers uniform hidden underneath the foliage.

Skin #2: UPR-OG “Toy Soldier” - All of Oscar Mikes body is now a dull green color (similar to army toy figure), with his legs being connected by a green plastic piece. His assault rifle is replaced by a M4 with a grenade launcher attachment, and he wears a traditional army outfit. His helmet has a large face visor in the front, but is similar in still to the old M1 combat helmets.[/details]

[details=Pendles]Taunt #1: RoaWalk - Pendles does the moonwalk, followed by the famous Michael Jackson toe stand.

Taunt #2: Sneaky Snake - Pendles pulls out a cardboard box and hides underneath it. Immediately after, a strong wind blows the box off of him. Pendles realizes he’s revealed, a large exclamation point appears above his head.

Skin #1: On the Menu - Pendles is wrapped inside a burrito, with his limbs coming out of holes inside the burrito. Between Pendles head and the burrito is cheese filling.[/details]

[details=Phoebe]Taunt #1: Seamstress - Phoebe uses her telekinetic rapiers to sow a dress she pulls out from behind her.

Taunt #2: I Can Dance! - Phoebe pretends to do the waltz, but continues to stumble over herself as the camera circles around her. She eventually grows frustrated, grabs her rapier, then stabs the camera.

Skin #1: The Chef - Phoebe wears a professional chefs outfit (with a matching chef hat). Her main Rapier becomes a fork, while her other Rapiers become various kitchen utensils (such as a knife, spoon, skillet, etc)

Skin #2: Hidden Code - Phoebe ditches the large gown in favor of her undersuit (which is pure black). The suits blue lines along the chest, stomach, and back. The lights they emit strobe as well. She also wears a Tron-like hat atop of her head.[/details]

[details=Rath]Taunt #1: Lightning Strike - Rath grabs his greatsword, then hoists it into the air with both hands (ala Thundercats). Instead of saying, “Hoooh!” he instead said, “Hyaaah!” Following this is a red lightning spark that arcs from his blade.

Taunt #2: Aaaand I’m Off - Rath takes his one of his blades in one hand, and spins it around very quickly; to the point of lifting off the ground.

Skin #1: Olden Warrior: Rath wears something reminiscent to a samurai outfit, with his two smaller energy blades becoming Katana’s, and his largest blade becoming a Nodachi (Japanese Greatsword)[/details]

[details=Reyna]Taunt #1: Here’s Your Punishment - Reyna pulls out a pair of handcuffs (mentioned in one of her lore challenges with Ghalt) and uses sexual innuendo to insult the enemy.

Taunt #2: Deadshot - Reyna walks in front of the camera sideways, before quickly turning towards the camera and taking a shot. The camera pans down, turns slightly red, looks back up, and then Reyna continues to fire into the camera.

Skin #1: Fun Police - Reyna is given a brown officers outfit (mall cop) with officer shades. Her hair is more glossy and sleeked back.

Skin #2: Rock and Roll - Reyna wear’s the iconic white outfit of Elvis Presley.[/details]

[details=Shane and Aurox]Taunt #1: For Art Thou Aurox - Shane and Aurox put on a romantic play, where Shane feigns her death, falling backwards into Aurox’s arms. Aurox then lifts his head back and yells, “Nooo!”. The camera goes top-down once he lifts his head back.

Taunt #2: Circle of Pain - Aurox lifts Shane in the air, with a sun appearing behind them (ala Lion King). After being lifted, Shane immediately kicks Aurox in the face, with Aurox giving her an insult; one being “Well f*** you then!”

Skin #1: Puppet Master - Shane becomes a demonic-like puppet master, with the small bones towards his tail becoming strings attached to Shanes limbs. Shane is transformed into a wooden toy figure, complete with a big wooden nose, a feather in her hair, and overalls.

Skin #2: Final Form - Aurox becomes far more menacing in appearance, with more horns and sharper tips on his bones. A third eye is located on his “forehead”. Shane sports a bone-like crown on top of her head, and her outfit is replaced by torn leathery rags.[/details]

[details=Thorn]Taunt #1: Effortless - Thorn fires multiple arrows into the air in one launch, then proceeds to effortlessly dodge each arrow that comes back down.

Taunt #2: A Tune for the Dead - Thorns bow compacts itself somewhat, and a series of green energy strings appear, connecting the two ends of the bow. Thorn holds the bow like a harp, and begins to play the strings; with her eyes closed and her head swaying about.

Skin #1: Hummingbird - Thorn wears a tight black leather outfit with brown hair. (It’s Katniss okay)

Skin #2: Maiden Ranger - Thorn wears a woman’s Toga outfit and a reed atop her head. Her bow is also replaced with a more traditional design, as well as having a quiver on her back. This evokes the imagery of the Greek mythological figure, Artemis.

Skin #3: Among the Pack - Thorn wears the head of a scale wolf on top of her head. Its hide covers her torso and her legs (down to her knees). [For those who don’t know, Thorns ultimate was actually supposed to be a demonic wolf-like creature seen here:]

Skin #4: Mistletoe - Thorn wears a Green elf outfit, and Kreshek (her bow) is replaced with a blue toy bow.[/details]

[details=Toby]Taunt #1: Drop a Beat - Toby hops out of Berg, then proceeds to beatbox while Berg does The Robot.

Taunt #2: High Five - Toby asks Berg to give him a ‘High-Five’. Berg proceeds to smash his arm into the pilot canopy. When Berg moves its arm, Toby is pressed against the back of the canopy. After sticking to the back for awhile, he falls back down into his seat.

Taunt #3: Epic Slide - Toby jumps out of Berg and proceeds to belly slide around it, jumping back into the cockpit after one rotation. During the slide, the camera is focused on Toby’s face.

Skin #1: Legendary Defender - Each of Bergs arms and legs are painted a different color, with hues of white in each limb and the body. The shoulders of the arms, and feet of the legs, resemble that of a different bird. The canopy around Bergs cockpit is lined with feathers. This skin is an homage to Voltron.

Skin #2: Cuteness Overload :blush: Toby wears an elf hat, and Berg is decked out in red, green, and white.[/details]

[details=Whiskey Foxtrot]Taunt #1: This is My Rifle - Whiskey Foxtrot goes into the Full Metal Jacket line, but instead of saying, “This is for fun,” he says, “This is for Puns!” and then points the gun at the camera and starts firing.

Taunt #2: Magic Trick - Whiskey pulls out his combat knife, leans his head back, opens his mouth, and proceeds to shove the knife down his throat. After successfully doing so, he starts to pull the knife back out, only for it to get caught on something. He desperately tries to pull it out, reeling in pain, the the blade gets dislodged. He then shakes the blade (to get the spit off), and gives a line about how he wasn’t expecting to die in that situation.

Skin #1: Exoskeleton - The center of Whiskey’s face is painted white to resemble a skeleton, with pure black covering the rest of his face. His body is also painted black, with a white skeleton inside of it. His paints are given the same treatment.[/details]


Lovin your Rath and Toby idea, genius

Would totally buy Bullwinkle-Attikus.

Lovin that shayne and aurox taunt

Thanks for the comments. I added a couple more. It’s hard for me to think of some skins/taunts for certain characters. Galilea is hard for me to think about because there’s already another sword user (Rath), and she hasn’t had any new skins that are markedly different that her base skin; apart from a palette swap. Thorn is tough because of her demeanor not really allowing her to be more playful (or less stoic).

I would buy every single one of these.

All amazing

I added some more. Specifically: Ambra, Attikus, Benedict, Thorn, Kleese, Shane & Aurox, Reyna, Rath, Pendles, ISIC, Ghalt, and Whiskey Foxtrot.

Added some new skins and taunts for: Alani, Boldur, Caldarius, Deande, ISIC, Mellka, Miko, Orendi, Oscar Mike, Reyna, and Toby.

I had an idea of one for Kleese, it’s a little dirty though. (Literally)

His Battlethrone is transformed into a giant toilet and his energy mortars are swapped to toilet paper rolls. Don’t know what the rifts or black hole could be swapped to that would be appropriate, but the taser could be changed to lines of pee, and his wrist cannon could become a mini-poo launcher.

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They could probably make the wrist cannon a burst of water, and the shock taser as toothpaste. Still, that’s a nice concept, and fits for the old geezer.

Added more skins and taunts for Alani, Ambra, Benedict, Caldarius, El Dragon, Ghalt, Mellka, Montana, Orendi, Phoebe, Thorn,Toby, and Whiskey Foxtrot.

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I’m back! (as if you cared). And I’ve made more skins and taunts :smiley:

I’ve added Taunts and Skins for: Alani, Ambra, Attikus, Boldur, Caldarius, Ernest, ISIC, Kelvin, Kid Ultra, Kleese, Marquis, Oscar Mike, Shane and Aurox, Thorn, and Toby.