List of legendaries

Hey vault hunters im looking for a list of all legendries who drops it and where at cause im about to go through and get legendries for my siren and I’ve kind of forgotten who drops what. And maybe if you can include the pirate dlcs legendary’s and tiny tinas

You could check @CountKarloff’s loot maps: Borderlands 2 O.T.D.H. Loot Maps

You’ll find every legendary drop from specific enemies in there, organized by area. There’s also a list of all of them and all the necessary info for farming in the Borderlands wiki:

You could also check the “Legendary Boss Drops & Unique Quest Rewards” thread in the old forums:

Thanks that’s exactly what I needed

Would you like something like this? I created my own loot hunt seeing how PS4 missed out on the fun ( and I was bored and obsessed)

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I always found this to be very useful.