List of legendary drops

hey so the rampager dropped a stuffed quadomizer launcher

and giga mind dropped a moxxi’s bouncing pair grenade mod


Just got this Tamed Night Hawkin from the Under Taker

My first legendary, obtained from a Loot Tink:

It’s special ability seems to be that when you crouch, it projects a shield in front of you that is nearly as big as Zane’s action skill shield, and this crouch shield seems to have alot more health than the regular aim down sight shield, possibly even unlimited health. Unfortunately, as a drawback, it seems like it’s not possible to get critical hits with it, even though it’s called the face puncher and says it has a crit damage bonus. Not sure if it’s bugged or what, but I’m getting no crits when aiming for the heads of bandits.

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The shield on that sounds interesting …I’ve played like 10 hours so far today and seen no loot tinks unfortunately. Hope to see one tomoz

Nevermind, I’m mistaken. The crouch shield is apparently an effect of my shield mod. It reduces incoming frontal damage by 20% when crouching, cool effect. Not sure what the special effect of the Legendary gun is honestly.

this is my first legen… wtf. I am not even Fl4k.


First legendary from wick

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I’m yet to see one (or a loot tink), but I’ve only killed one boss and that was in Co-op so it may have been whipped as I never rush in afterwards, in fact I ended up running off and finding a side quest. I’d have been happy with that Fl4k skin above though, to go with the Marcus mask I got, from god knows where.

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I’ve so far had 3 legendary items all from the same place… Moxxxi’s slot machines lmao


got a doubling penetrating occultist from troy
and an abundant projectile recursion from an anioted

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I got a Thunderball Fists from the Coffee Commander, guy shows up during one of Lorelei’s quests on Promethea.

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kball dropped unwaving stop gap, which makes u immunie for 5 second after sheild breaks and grant momvent speed when full

So my first legendary was the Rough Rider shield, and the funny thing is I got it from a random loot box on the very first quest when you have to find a shield, I’ll try to get it on here to show proof.

I just got a widowmaker grenade and a quadmizer from the rampager which means its possible to get multiple flegendaries from this boss

i’ve heard people get triple legenderies and i’ve gt double off him aswell, he seems to have a high drop rate

Is someone making a list for the borderlands Fandom? I dunno if anyone found this shield yet, but it dropped for me from a loot midget.

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Butcher - Loot-o-gram (or whatever it’s called), from Dinkerbot at Skywell-27. Give this to Crazy Earl ~20-30 times an he will grant You a Butcher.

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Any particular machine? Or just switching between them?

Katagawa Jr can drop the Storm sniper rifle. Which makes sense since he’s Maliwan.


Just got these storm fronts from the golden chest …