List of Once per Character rewards?

I tried searching via Google, but could not find a definitive list. Is there a list of stuff that can only be done once per character? I know the Crew Challenges (for the most part), and the Typhon Logs, and apparently the mission that gives the Buttplug (which I am aware is largely useless now that the Psycho Stabber exists, but I want the ability to get everything I can at max level if possible, even if I’ll never actually get or use it), but can’t find anything online about any other once-per-character rewards. Is there a list somewhere?

I’m pretty sure the Buttplug isn’t a once a character thing, I’ve actually seen it in the Veteran Reward machine.

So the list as far as I’m aware consists of:

The Bekah

Ember’s Purge


Burning Summit

Vibra Pulse (?)

That oughtta be it for the most part. Quest rewards you can get again by playing on TVHM or by purchasing them from the Crazy Earl Vendor.

There might be maybe some event related stuff that I missed, but for the most part it’s just crew challenge rewards that happen to not have another drop source.

You can actually reset your TVHM playthrough, but going through the game again takes a lot of grinding. Most of the mission rewards shouldn’t be a problem on base game, because almost all of them can be obtained for Eridium from Crazy Earl’s Machine.

As far as I know the Sellout gun can’t be obtained from that machine, which is reward for the Sell Out side mission.
The Burning Summit can be obtained multiple times during the said mission (might be only one time, not sure). Don’t know how much things I can spoil, so I’ll try to avoid them. You will need to kill yourself in a machine 20 times. You’ll know when you get there, if you didn’t already. Although, there’s a way around to don’t kill yourself 20 times, just accept the quest, there will be a psycho using the machine each time you visit that map. So just visit that map 20 times without save/quitting.
Cloud Kill. Beneath the Meridian story mission gun, there’s an optional task to do (talking to Ava), after doing so and ending the mission will get you that gun.
The Boo. Invasion of Privacy side mission. At the end of this side quest you’ll have to open a chest as a reward, that will contain The Boo.

And as @jmthsauer said, The Bekah, Ember’s Purge, Scoville, all Crew Challenge rewards. I’ll add some information on the Vibra Pulse. That’s a reward after finding x (don’t know how many) Crimson Radio Stations.
Actually, all the Crew Challenge stuff can be done once per character and only (not all) base game mission reward guns can be bought from Crazy Earl’s Machine.
There’s also a vehicle paint job, which can only be obtained once per playthrough, it’s called Roadkill (it will spawn on War Pig) from the Pandora’s Next Top Mouthpiece side quest. The mission says you need to kill War Pig, but actually you can hi-jack the vehicle and get to a Catch-a-Ride.
These are the ones that I can remember of suddenly, but I’m sure there are way more.

Most Mission rewards are once a playthrough (except the ones you can just buy from the vendor) but the original post was about once a character rewards of which there are far less. Pretty much only those items that are exclusive to crew challenge completion because you cannot reset those.

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Oh yeah, my bad. I saw Buttplug mentioned and my mind immediately went through all the once per playthrough stuff instead of once per character.

The Sellout is available in the crazy earl machine and has been since they started letting that machine give mission rewards (saw two yesterday alone). every other base game reward is obtainable in crazy earl’s machine other than the few you mention plus a few others–the hand of glory and kevin’s chilly cannot be obtained outside of the missions and kevin’s chilly is lost if you complete the mission (don’t understand this one–the Big Succ and Burning Black Flame are story only items and are lost once the mission is complete, yet are available in Crazy Earl’s machine).

It would seem now in DLC 6 items such as Ember’s Purge can be available in the diamond key room so there may be opportunities to get it again.

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I believe you, but I never saw Legendary mission reward guns in the Veteran Machine. Interesting. I should “farm” it like crazy then.

I’ve seen the sellout, amazing grace, and red suit (red suit shield is in there a lot). the first two aren’t that common, but are there.