List of rare events?

Is there a list anywhere of all those rare things that can happen in game? I’m not talking about specific drops but more like those things that you see and think “holy crap”, those things that not everyone gets to see. I’ve started a little list but I know it’s far from complete.

  • Getting attacked by multiple tubbies at the same time
  • World drop pearl
  • Tubby midget riding a goliath
  • Spiderpants
  • Vermi fighting OOO or Craw
  • Legendary from sacrifice table
  • Double 20 on dice chest
  • Muscles
  • Rarer varieties of loot midgets and tubbies.
  • Fight scene on the Winged Fury horizon.
  • Injured Hyperion humanoids being carried by Surveyors. (Not sure of exact conditions but that’s close.)
  • Hitting the jackpot and getting a legend / pearl from the various slot machines.
  • Witch flies in front of the moon in the Halloween DLC
  • Flying Power-Loader

I guess OOO and Vermi could go on this list too, maybe. But then that gets into King of Orcs / Godliath territory and I think everyone’s seen godliath at this point =S

If there’s already a list made out there somewhere, I’d love to see a link to it. But if not, let’s try to fill this one out a little more. I know I’m not remembering all of them.

(I’ll update as I remember more or anyone posts one)


I remember once I had three delicious succulent tubbies at once by the bandit shacks in Ellie’s back 40. :smiley: I was getting all Krieg-like “SOMEBODY delivered a FEAST!!!”


I think this qualifies as a world drop Orange… not as rare as a Pearlescent, but still.

I’ve gotten all those except Vermi fighting OOO… seems like that’s exclusive to Son of Crawmerax’s fight?

There are varieties of loot midgets that are pretty rare (Rat, Goliath, Psycho, Nomad) that I’d add to the list. Maybe Muscles too.


I was not aware of this:

@Psychichazard has been immortalized. :blush: Pretty F’ing cool. :sunglasses:


I don’t think the Hellfire in a pot counts as a world drop since it’s always a Hellfire. It’s a fixed drop AFAIK.

Can’t believe I forgot about muscles though lol.

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I remember when I found Spiderpants, truly a WTF moment.

And I had to toss up a pic of this guy.


The best part of this is :

The origin of Spiderpants came from the Gearbox forums, where a subsequently banned user posted a guide on how to kill spiderants, but misspelled spiderants as “spiderpants”. This typo was immediately adopted by the community, eventually leading to the formation of The Cult of the the Spiderpants. Gearbox responded by adding spiderpants as a rare spawn within Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep.”

I couldn’t stop laughing at that.


What? :thinking: This doesn’t make sense to me. Sorry… :blush:

Edit: with your logic, we can also say "I don’t think the Hellfire in a pot counts as a world drop since it’s always a pot. lmao or, “A Butcher from a random enemy isn’t a world drop cause it’s always a Butcher”

Long story short, a Legendary out of an ammo crate or ammo pot for that matter, is in fact a world “rare” drop. Even if a weapon is always a weapon. :exploding_head:


How about this rare battle in Winged Storm


I stopped and watched that on my screen. lmao Its a mimmick and a Goliath I believe. funny ■■■■ tho. :rofl:


I’ve only seen Spiderpants once, on one of my first runs through that DLC. I didn’t appreciate his rarity at the time of course. :frowning:

I’ve never had a Hellfire drop from a pot that I can remember, but I did get a WTF shield from one once. Figured it’s just a regular old world drop.


I’ve yet to see that! I keep reading conflicting information on that. Some sources say it’s just 100% random if you get to see the show, others sources say you need to kill all the mimics in the mimic room in order to be able to trigger it.


I’ve never seen that in the dragons arena, that’s awesome.

The combination of the word rare and name Mothra made me think: how about Son of Mothrak dropping something and it not falling through the floor? :stuck_out_tongue:


I have no idea what I did to get that, but it was midway through the chest run. I didn’t kill the mimics.

And I think we can safely say the Hellfire is not A Thing


Just plain ol’ RNG it is then! :slight_smile: (Kinda what I figured.)


I’ve noticed it quite a few times. I thought it was always there I just don’t stop to look or notice most of the time. I’ve seen more than once. it was something I never paid much attention too.

I usually have my volume down, but I remember hearing roaring and a fight of somekind in the back ground. so upon opening the chests after killing the dragons I was looking off in the distance to see what the noise was. That was it. I Giant Mimmick vs. a Giant Goliath.


Can we assume the Hellfire isn’t a thing? I’ve gotten it twice myself. I’ve seen streamers go for it and get it. I don’t think someone else getting a world drop from the same source somehow hurts the validity of it.

It seems most people disagree though so I could take of off the list I guess.


Then I take it back - it might just be A Thing!


Just to toss it out there, I did get a Hellfire from a ceramic pot one time. But, I also got a Legendary Hunter mod from one as well, so I assume they’re just world drops.


I think the Hellfire is fixed since so many people have gotten it. Could just be a coincidence that a world drop also came from there.

Who knows, I guess I am starting to get on the fence about that one being on the list.