List of specific stuff i'm really counting on in my arsenal, would really appreciate help!

Hi guys! Im trying to find a blue op8 expert grenadier with +47% grenade damage, +32% explosive resistance, +6 steady and +5 impact, A blue op8 Blurred Trickster with +6 chain reaction, and a nonelemental Refill Avenger, along with an op8 Heart of the Ancients with +39% SMG damage, FFYL health, and FFYL time. As usual, thank you!

I’ll check my characters the mod I use is +6 grenadier +5 impact.

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That would be awesome if i was running a grenade build, but unfortunately i am not :frowning: thanks for checking!

I’ll check later. I do run the train a lot so I may tun into it there

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Any idea what the best way of farming it would be?

The loot train. I checked my gear and I don’t have that specific one

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Honestly im surprised every other Axton and his friend dont have it! Granted Leg. Soldier may be better with DPS but still, this thing syncs so perfectly with him for utter destruction.

I had this mod a few weeks ago. I remember it was that exact one because I got a huge boost to explosive damage from the steady skill but I didn’t have any good explosive weapons at the time. I got it from one of the chests in the lair of infinite agony in TTADK. It was the hall where the skulls usually fly around and attack you. I didn’t think to hold on to it for trades because it was only a blue.

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Aw man, i was so close! Farming Torgue machines (and Zeds) has proved fruitless over the hours and hours of resetting.

I found one today that was a green but it was only a +5 steady, no impact boost. I’ll let you know if I come across another one of the good ones.

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Thank you, i really appreciate it :smiley:

You can’t farm the blue legendaries, as they are modded…just an fyi.

I got one. It’s +43% grenade damage, +28% explosion resist, +6 steady, +5 grenadier. It doesn’t boost impact but if you’ve got some fastball grenades and a good slag weapon, you won’t need impact.

I think I have an extra 9 million damage level 72 explosive fastball too

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Thank you for the offer, but i actually am using it for guns :frowning: if you wanted a grenade mod for Fastballs, i got a kickass flawless one!

I added a few more items, even just one would be awesome!

I have a horent withe the damage prefix and one with the fire rate prefix. Both with matching grips, take your pick

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A Twin Hornet would be awesome, thanks man!

I don’t have a twin hornet.

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I got one from Raven if you want one :slight_smile: Also looking for a Heart of the Ancients with +39% SMG damage, along with fight for your life time and health. Is it rare or do a lot of Beehawkers use it?