List of specific stuff i'm really counting on in my arsenal, would really appreciate help!

Its better to use a matching bota.

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Really? How much better? I would have thought gun damage would be better than elemental ticks for sure!

It effects the damage type and matching elements is always better then additive 39% damage bonus. Fire on flesh is 1.75x damage. Plus the ~40% damage from the bone. I don’t fully understand the math so I’ll stop now

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Picked up a class mod today. OP2 Expert Grenadier with +45% damage, +31% resistance, +5 steady, +4 impact AND +4 grenadier! I’m maxing out at OP2 so I can farm and worst case, get level 72 gear.

I do

Elemental relics don’t just boost damage over time, but all elemental damage (if you’re shooting with a fire gun, you’re doing fire damage with it… all of it is fire damage)

So far, they would appear to be the same

Where it gets different is where each bonus is placed in the damage equation
Aggression relics are additive bonuses, while elemental bonus are multiplicative

Let’s say that you have a Legendary Cat COM with 100% bonus on it, and a gun that deals 1000 damage
With the relic that boosts SMG damage by 40%, you get 100% + 40% = 140% increase, or 2400 damage

With an elemental relic, it goes
100%, so 2000 damage … and THEN you add the 40% from your relic, which gives a total of 2800 damage

Elemental bonuses are multiplied after all the other bonuses have been applied, so they effectively apply to your gun…as well as all the other bonuses you have for that gun.

Thanks chuck.

i’ve got a blue OP8 Blurred Trickster with
Fire Rate: 32%
+6 Chain Reaction
+5 Life Tap

Also an OP8 purple Blurred with
Fire Rate: 32%
+5 Chain Reaction
+4 Life Tap
+4 Kinetic Reflection

My SMG Heart is only +33.7% damage :worried:
(though my Sal has a +39% launcher damage one for when I want to shamelessly ShamFleet all the things :slight_smile:

Only thing I’d be interest in getting are Aquamarine Sniders (gemstone from Butt Stallion) – found one & it’s so pretty!

Maya has so many damage boosts that a Bones is almost assuredly a better deal than a heart.

I understand & agree w your argument re: bones vs. heart. I personally don’t run Maya w the Cat mod or a bunch of SMG’s but maybe, if one were using SMG’s in 3 or 4 slots, & matched element to enemies, there might be some justification for the heart? On a side note, you suppose the corrosive bone boosts Cloud Kill damage?

Then they would most likely use a Cat COM, so no :stuck_out_tongue:

yes it does

Add me dont have grenadier com but got some of that stuff calebismybro