List of stuff GB needs to take a look at/rework

there’s a lot of things currently in the game that are either broken, useless, outclassed, etc.
so that’s why i created this topic we can gather these things so GB has an idea of what they could change (or is realy in need of a change)

this can be weapons, items, mechanics, skills, etc.

for QoL ideas i urge you to post in my QoL changes list topic

for now just post ideas here :wink: probably will list them later on :slight_smile:


i’ll start

zane mods that could take a look at… (seeing most if not all get outperformed by seein dead)

  • Legendary Shockerator
    has anybody ever found a use for this? the nova on melee sounds realy niche… and pretty useless (action skills aren’t realy known for their damage so there’s that)

  • Legendary Techspert
    seein dead does it better… a LOT better… i suggest having drone allways active with this mod…

for weapons, i’d say

  • night hawkin. the special power realy makes this a niche weapon (and so most people will probably use other options)

give money and eridium use in end game.

that’s all i come up with now. will post others when i come to them.

Base game weapon damage in comparison to dlc and newly added items are overshadowed in 90% of cases IMHO and need a drastic look into. Unless they just want everyone to buy dlc and no life on limited time events to have viable mayhem 10 guns this is def an issue IMHO especially for late adopters who don’t have access to the limited time guns that are god tier any more :frowning:

i feel ya :wink: this feels like a bug to me for some reason. could have something to do with mayhem modifiers bugging out.

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Melee and grenades. Add a way to indicate what mayhem level a weapon is. Right now the only way to know is by comparing damage values, and that’s not ideal.


Both the Firestorm and Storm sniper rifles seem to still be bugged. Neither of them do what they’re supposed to and it makes them basically worthless.

freaking dedicated drops^^

all mayhem levels should drop 100% anointed gear. there is no reason to pick up anything that is not anointed

more vending machines and SDUs
mayhem 10 can be dangerous but it mostly kills…your magazine

regarding horrible RNG, perfect (impossible) rolls and money/eridium sink
there should be NPCs to use money and eridium to reroll or transfer gun parts/secondary stats/anointments


Gearbox needs to take a look at the game’s cover, because Mayhem 2.0 is making me question the rated M +17 rating on it.

that is allready said to be fixed ATM

I’ve got a hotfix from today or yesterday installed now, and they’re still not working for me. Could just be my game tho. I’ll have to try again later, thanks!

keep an eye out for the patchnotes :wink:

probably every thursday :smiley:

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Seeing anointed enemies spawn with the new cartel event while on Pandora just really cements how awful the anointed are as enemies. They have too much health and are just unfun to fight with that huge health and seemingly random instakills and teleporting/other annoying gimmicks.

Overall, for game balance I think they really need to take a better look at how many attacks in the game can just instantly or near instantly put you into downed state as well as how tanky some enemies can be with higher mayhem mods.

Besides that, I feel like they need to either seriously rework many of the existing class mods/artifact/anointment effects as far as niche use/viability/desirability or straight up delete some of them that will literally never be used because the gameplay they are trying to promote will never be worth it or simply cannot actually work and be viable while doing any meaningful content.

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can you elaborate a bit more :wink: i for one have no clue what (if any) classmods are good on Moze haha i just don’t like using her action skill.

What do you mean? Not trying to troll, but understand your post lol

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Some weapons have increased ammo consumption without any reason to deserve this e.g. the Bone Shredder or the non unique alien barrel guns. For these weapons the ammo consumption should be reduced to one.

Unnerf some of the previously nerfed weapons like the Lyuda, the Ion Cannon or the Crossroad.

Buff some of the weaker weapons like the Westergun.

Make chest / quest / gear send by the mail scale to your current mayhem mode.

Propper MM scaling for grenades and action skills like IB and the pets.

Change how lifesteal on guns work from “base damage” to “actual damage dealt”.

I don’t play Moze, so I wouldn’t know. But I am pretty sure in the current state of the game, every Vault Hunter generally has only one to three at best class mods that are usable, and all others are irredeemable trash nobody has, or ever will use.

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ION canon was WAAAAAAAY overtuned hahaha… now it’s good :slight_smile:

it’s one of the best RL even in the current state

Rework “Why Cant I have All These Grenades” on Moze

Add: On Grenade Throw, Immune to Self Inflicting damage for 3/6/9 seconds.

I mentioned this in a post a bit ago but decided to add it here as well. This skill is currently useless. Plus, Moze has a bit of a problem with sustainability against mainly her own splash damage especially with Torgue Cross Promotion which received a good buff. The Grenade skill is a tier 4 (15 point unlock) skill so it’s a bit higher up thus requires a bit of give and take still. Giving it such a skill fits perfect for Demolition Woman as this helps her live her dream of being explosive-happy, Tiny Tina wanna be without worrying as much of blowing herself up every few seconds–in other words, a proper level of sustainability. This also gives TCP a ton more versatility opportunity so it’s not as reliant on say a Transformer and Shock weapon–ie less niche focus and more diversity. Plus, you do not lose the capability to have builds that inflict self damage on purpose such as Transformer and Tediore shotgun. Simply, dont put any points into this skill. Lastly, it’s not an invincibility mechanism either since enemies are still capable of damaging you. To some degree, you can think of it as a reversal of Zanes Dome Barrier. He is pretty much immune to all damage except Splash Damage with large radiuses or self Inflicting damage.

I agree…Anointed enemies are truly pathetic, and Gearbox needs to rework them. When I see Anointed in an area, especially if there’s more than one, I quit the game, because it’s pointless fighting enemies that have literally MORE HEALTH than Graveward…That is just stupid game design, and don’t even get me started on their annoying as freck immunity phases, teleporting everywhere like the Flash, and throwing a purple Nuclear bomb that literally can put you in FFYL in 1 hit

Anointed’s are Uber Bosses that somehow got mixed up in the game code as “mob enemies” when they’re not

Yeah, definitely! In my opinion, if they don’t want to nerf the anointed then the best way to change them is to make them counted by the game as actual bosses. Like, make it so they can only spawn when the last enemy dies, or there are very few left in the immediate area. Greatly increase their loot and give them music and an actual health bar. But don’t let there be more than one at a time.

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