List of suggestion to improve BL3

  1. Higher difficulty

  2. More space to store items (vault/backpack)

  3. Ability to skip cutscenes

  4. Transfer saves to and from pc/ps4/xbone

  5. Cross-play with other platforms pc/ps4/xbone

  6. More characters

  7. More vending machines in maps, some maps have only 1 at the start

  8. Dedicated loot pools for bosses, future raid bosses, CoS and Proving Grounds

  9. Balancing in the mayhem modes so we don’t get 2-3 -50% damage in the same map

  10. Vertical split and bigger UI text, those go hand in hand, one helps the other. It’s already being worked on but we really need that

  11. More customization, different outfits

  12. Show all accepted missions on map please

  13. Turn off the pain grunts your character being damage over time 3

  14. The suggestion is automatic pick up on the shield restore and health restore items produced by shield or item equipped instead track them down and have hit the button because the enemies kill or deplete your shields you trying to do this.

  15. show loot tink corpses on the minimap.

  16. Show co-op buddies with beefier icon on map.

  17. Let us properly inspect co-op buddies’ gear and skills. I may be missing something but why only the vague info?

  18. let us track multiple quests. Have color-coded objective markers

  19. let us place multiple custom waypoints. Maybe even have a type that lets us draw polygons i.e. plan a route. (around 10 lines max to prevent scribbling)

  20. make my custom waypoints visible to co-op buddies

  21. let us change minimap zoom level on the fly

  22. stop rotating the big map screen around, keep it consistent

  23. Bring back Loaders

Please use this thread for suggestions:

Ta muchly!