List of the Pimpernel sweet spots

This is a port of the list from the old forums so we don’t lose this information. If anybody has anything to add, please do. Thanks.

From @CoonTail:

The pimpernel and B0re have a very interesting interaction, but nothing different then what we already know about the pimpernel’s bomblets & B0re.

If a bomblet is to B0re through an enemy and hit another there are two scenarios that can occur.

  1. The bomblet connects with the enemy in a non-crit zone
  2. The bomblet connects with the enemy in a crit zone

If situation one occurs then the bomblet is set to do only 1/5 the damage of the inital shot’s damage, but will receive the +100% damage bonus from B0re.

If situation two occurs then the bomblet does full crit damage as the initial shot will AND will receive the 100% damage bonus granted from B0re.

The Pimpernel’s bomblets have been broken down before which resulted in us being informed that the bomblets will normally only deal 20%(1/5th) of the initial shots damage UNLESS they hit an enemy critically. If the bomblet hits for a crit then it does FULL CRIT DAMAGE which is an immense difference in damage.

B0re follows these rules as it is just applying the 100% damage boost to whichever bomblet proc’s B0re.

##The List So Far:


  • Goliaths: In the knee/shin.
  • Bruisers/Marauders/Nomads/Hyperion Infantry: Waist/Inner thigh. (Check out this post by Derch).
  • Nomads w/ Door & Hole in it: Waist.
  • Nomads w/ Door & No Hole in it: Foot.
  • Threshers/Terra’s Tentacles: Section of body just sticking out of ground.
  • Skags: Right where the two face flaps meet/The ground under the middle of the face.
  • Spiderants: On the ground between the back legs.[/color]


  • Loaders: Groin/Waist/Foot (Depends on type of Loader).
  • Surveyors: Wings.
  • Constructors: Folding point of front leg.
  • Buzzards: Headshot on pilot.
  • Vehicles: The middle of the ground below the vehicle.
  • Saturn: Shoulder turret: When his body is directly facing you and turret on his legs when his side is to you.[/color]



I’ll have a long post to add to this when I get home

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Cool. Thanks.

Lol @Derch Derch we have been overdue to update this for sometime since we have found so many sweetspots after this was made.

You think we should get some new vids up for this?

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I have an idea I’m going to work on when I get home

Do it up my friend and LOL @Gulfwulf this has been long overdue so I understand the excitement.

I was looking for this because I started using a pimp on Maya again but only found it on the old forums, so any additional information on this would be great. :smiley:

For Saturn there are 2.

1. Shoulder turret: When his body is directly facing you…(recommended for DigiPeak, Fyrestone)

Shoot directly below his shoulder turret, (on his chest) you have to try to pretend the base of the turret is a bandit’s head, you want the bloom of the pimp to occur there. He also works with velocity too, pretty flexible but needs some practice. Note that it HELPS a lot if you are on the same level terrain as his chest.

2. Turret on his legs: When he has his side to you (recommended for Fyrestone)

This is a lot easier if he has his side to you, shoot the bottom portion of the big circular rivet that connects his turret to his leg. The player can do this on the Fyrestone map as he moonshoot onto the overpass, time it right as he is unfolding and enjoy the FPS dip and GG.

PS: You might want to put a BEE on for 4 player Saturn B0re. Make sure the Host has at least 80-90 FPS of B0re Fuel. It is also possible to one hit KO Saturn with a Fire/Shock/Slag pimp, it doesn’t even have to be a OP8 pimp either.

Of course there are various other locations given the points you have in velocity, but they are really really really situation and a lot less consistence than the ones I listed above.

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For targets with critical spots, I recommend to learn the basic principle, and not the set “sweet spots”. Because, outside of Maya, you can’t really immobilize your target, which by standing at different angles, or crouching, can shift the sweet spot.

And the basic principle is: the second projectile have to land in the critical spot. That’s why you’re shooting a marauder in the waist. But it’s only true if he’s facing you; then he’s leaning from a cover, showing only his side, shooting him in the waist won’t do anything. An example.

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I know it’s Zer0 section, but… I finally brought my Axton to OP8 and I’ve played with Pimpernels in the process. While it’s hard to beat Zer0 here(Salvador can jump off a cliff), but holly hell… Axton is super-impressive with it. All those gun damage buffs, plus Metal Storm and Steady… Whoa.

Thats pretty much what I was going to get at but in a long rant.

Just take Marauders sweet spots

  • Standing still
  • Standing and shooting at you
  • Standing wounded
  • Back peddeling
  • Moving forward
  • Doing any movement wounded
  • Kneeling
  • Behind cover
  • sitting on a object non agro
  • Phaselocked

Also all these depend on the angle, and I might of missed some different situations. So just that one enemy you need to know over 10 sweet spots, and if you see an Ultimate Badass Marauder, they are taller so you have to learn all them over again for that guy.

Also not all humanoid enemies are the same sweet spots either.

Shoot walls over and over and over and over and over until the distance between the splits is in your head. Pimping is just like when you have to lead your target but instead of leading your target on a “y” axis you have to lead them on both a “x” and “y” axis, or if they are standing still just a “x”. I might of mixed up the x and y order but you get the point.

It’s the split you need to know, not a list of 10,000 sweet spots.

I was having a conversation with @CoonTail awhile back about pimp stuff and he made the point that a lot of people are still in the mindset of pre uvhm or early uvhm pimp knowledge and that to op8 is like the 1950’s to 2015.

I say sweet spots is a thing of the past that we leave behind like the earth being flat.

On a second side note @kenole brought up a good question or topic in my twisted pimp thread.

Thats the image he was talking about, I figured I would address this here since this is the sweet spot.

First is using the bee to see how you are hitting seems like a good idea and I used to use that method. But I realized that often I was hitting to low and the sheer power of the bee and pimp would one shot the enemies anyways and I thought I was sweet spotting when I wasn’t. So just because you hear the bee sounds doesn’t mean they are hitting crits.

On the question of that, on maya that looks like 10/5 accelerate range and I would say the back leg is closer to under his head, the front leg looks to far forward. Also where “A” is in the picture is to the right of his head, so even if it was directly under him from a vertical angle it isn’t from a horizontal. You want to know the distance and shoot directly below it. This is why I don’t like more than 6/5 accelerate. With that you could shoot him in the hip and sweet spot him. Legs are never good targets, to much movement and they don’t line up well with head shots.


I had 10 likes and could use them…

This sums it up perfectly.

Also, there’s another feature Zer0 enjoys to to B0re, and it kind of falls into this “sweet spot” category.

I’m talking about the “double critical hit”. On the (relatively)big critical spots, by hitting them on the lowest edge, it’s possible to get 2 critical hits for one bullet. I don’t know why it’s happening, but it’s there. Very useful against ducking targets.

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I don’t think thats a b0re thing because Maya gets it too without chain reaction.

My best theory on why that happens is when the pimpernel hits, a pellet is created that goes up set distance and splits into 5. If that pellet that goes up starts in a hitbox and leaves it you get another hit with it. That would explain the double crit before the split.

I don’t know if that is really how it works, but its my best guess. It’s that transition from first impact, to the split that im not entirely sure how it works.

This may not be of great value to most of the serious Pimpers out there, but here goes a little contribution:

I usually play Sniper Zero with points in velocity, more specifically 6/5 (a single point and the COM bonus from the legendary sniper, don’t ask, I need those points for my other guns.) At 6/5, many small targets are sort of immune to being “sweet-spoted” (though the pimp remains very efficient)

But there are some that actually get easier to hit: Loaders will die right off if shot in the foot. And since their feets are pretty small targets rather than a vague “somewhere near the crotch”, it’s pretty simple: if you shoot the foot right, they go down.

While marauders will die if you shoot the ground between their legs. UBA marauders are taller and need to be shot in the foot like loaders.

I also made this to go along with what I said above, pretty much covers the same points

Updated the OP.