List of things still weak and pathetic

Basically, they buffed Maya. Congrats. She deserved it. Now lets take a look at a few other things that honestly…don’t stack up.
1: The ENTIRE Brawn Tree: This isn’t even funny. I barely see anyone even put value points into brawn for anything. You only get it for joke builds.
2: Nuke: It’s wimply. It’s sad. Fix it.
3: The Turret in general: Yeah. It’s really really pathetic.
4: Okay fine, just Axton in general. Besides throwing guns and torguemando, there’s not alot of stuff going for him. He’s okayish, but honestly, the turret sucks and axton in general needs some work.
5: The Nukem: Just, why is a MALIWAN the best rocket launcher? Come on people, it’s a NUKE, it’s supposed to hit like fifty trucks.
6: Deathtrap: Okay, not nearly as weak as turret, but again, pet damage is like all non-gun damage in borderlands at the momment. Sad.
7: Non-elemental weapons: Some of us simply don’t like elemental weapons. Is that really enough to damn us?


This probably isn’t possible at this point, but changing Laser Sight so it did something useful like, I don’t know, maybe adding fire damage or boosting critical hits or something? Or at least fix it so it actually works as advertised!

Edit: But otherwise, Axton and his turret are just fine for me, my builds, and my play style.

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The Turret’s good for slagging things, or as a distraction, but it still really falls flat in terms of actually being a gun that hurts things itself.

Maybe have one of the two barrels fire regular rounds while the other fires slag would help.

And yeah, making turret more accurate isn’t really enough to validate the skill

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  1. I agree about the health regen, it is pretty good, but saying that the entire tree is bad is a gross overstatement. There are plenty of good skills in there, notably Bus, asbestos, and incite. Additionaly, Chuck’s Deputy build goes pretty deep into brawn and it is most certainly not a joke.

  2. Not realy an axton player, but I’ve heard it’s pretty good for crowd control.

  3. Again, not really an axton player, but you can get two of them and they can slag for you for free, so there is that.

  4. There’s actually an entire thread about this on the axton boards, you should check it out.

  5. I assume you’re refering to the Norfleet here? Well I’m here to tell you that the norfleet is not the best launcher in the game. I would gladly take a Badaboom or Topnea over it, while neither of them put out the same upfront damage as the norfleet, they are both much more ammo efficint (remember that you only get 21 rockets, this is very important) and their damage is not nearly as far behind the norfleet as you probably think. Also, while the nukem does have it’s problems, it is far from bad.

  6. I don’t know what exactly you’re smoking over there. DT does insane damage. Just spec into SiC and pop on the biggest, baddest roid shield you can find and get carried.

  7. Again, not really sure what you’re talking about, NE weapons are insane. Jakobs weapons aside, they are very powerful, being a neutral element and having ~20% higher base damages over elemental weapons (not including shotguns). (something interesting: percentage increases to base damage like this function the same way as multiplicative damage increases)


1: The point is, the tree really doesn’t let you Tank, Asbestos being a weaker version of Axton’s forbearance, Bus is utility mostly, but yeah. My point being, you don’t really feel much tankier and Brawn overall just can’t compete.
2: Again, damage, That’s what it’s missing.
3: Yeah. That’s pretty useful, but it’s damage…just tickling the enemies
4: Eyup.
5: I’m mostly looking at it from an OP8 POV, the Norfleet is arguably the best RL not as a main weapon, that’d be the Topnea or Badaboom, but as a “Pull out and spam for getting up” gun. It’s pretty fire and forget. The Nukem just…doesn’t feel as powerful as it should honestly.
6: I’ll give you his melee damage, but his other abilities, explosive clap, the stare, one two boom, and his regular
eyebeam seem to be more of downgrade skills at some points.
7: This one was largely an afterthought to be honest. Elemental weapons did a whole 40% more impact damage on the “Right” element, except shock which did double, and there isn’t a competition on shotguns at all. And then you add DoT damage. Just hard to compete with when you want to just do straight-up damage without relying on some ipod gun.

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I think you are missing the points of NE guns, while they never get the big bonus they also never suffer the big penalty.

Fire is strong on flesh at +75% but gets -60% vs armor and shields
Corrosive is strong on armor at +75% but gets -40% on flesh and -60% on sheids
Shock has no weaknesses and gets +150% on shields
NE has no bonuses and gets -20% on armor, but has 20% more damage than elemental guns on average

NE will never reach the highs that elemental guns reach but you also don’t have to swap. Now if you want neutral NE will beat shock because most shields in the game are a joke so you never really need shock. Also the 20% extra damage vs everything else will win.

Sure NE will rarely be used to raid but in the rest of the game a good NE setup can be great because you don’t have to swap. Go to Wildlife and see how many types of health bars you run into. If you are playing all elements you will be swapping all the time, Armor, flesh, shields, fire resistant flesh, shock resistant flesh, etc…

So NE does what it is supposed to do, works well on 95% of the game. If NE could reach the highs of matching elements without the penalty that would be broken. This is the balance of it.

Also, whats an ipod gun?


Not necessarily.

Norfleet has a super erratic pattern of fire, and not to mention there are several areas where enemies of different base bodies (i.e. armored or flesh) coalesce.

I love the RL myself, but I’ve emptied a clip on a Krieg with fire damage boosts only to notice that the fleshy enemies ran away and the metallic ones find my attempts to be comedic. Can’t express how often I’d switch to the Swordsplosion since the enemies where in such close range.

Rather just use the Badaboom in that instance.

“Shamfleeting” gave the Norfleet a great deal of credit. I never leave home without the Fleet, but even for second winds, it can put you in a pickle.

Now, I’m not debating it’s absolute insanity a vast majority of the time. But I’d rather keep a launcher on my main that I can use both in battle, and for a second wind, otherwise I’m taking up an entire gun slot for naught but picking myself back up.

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It’s a partner, not a replacement. It gives solo players a chance to “have another soldier on the field” - that’s a specific play-style and, even with a single turret, works pretty well. It that’s not your style, then fine. It doesn’t mean that the turret is flat out “no good” though.

I’m not sure if Double Up means the turret guns incur the usual 20% penalty on elemental weapons or not. It would be interesting to find out: does anyone know?

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33 with all of the backpack upgrades.

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hi wingsday. Im LMAO at your expresions. Thanks for making a old man 84 yrs happy.I love this forum.


What Apple would manufacture if it decided to expand beyond Consumer Electronics and into Military Weaponry. In fact, I should probably look into trademarking “iPod Gun” just in case. That way, I can sell the trademark to Apple for at least $100 million USD (pocket change for Apple) and be set for life :blush:

But in BL2 speak, I think ipod gun refers to Axton’s Turret.

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I was thinking something that was all form, no function, like Maliwan pistols for example.

@daw834 I’m glad you’re ejnoying it ^.^

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Don’t we already have a thread for these complaints and wants? the “final patch” thread?


Unfortunately, you wouldn’t get a TM on “iPod Gun” because iPod™ is already claimed. It also appears you may be too late for iGun™, if Google search results are to be believed.

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Nuke is already good; of course the damage could be better, but for aggro, CC etc. it’s fantastic.

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The Brawn tree is not just for joke builds. I once started a new Sal just to see how it would fair starting from level 1 for the lols, and I was immediately taken aback. With the right gear, it really is the ultimate tank build.
-Get an adaptive shield
-Get a health relic
-Use a Rubi/Grog Nozzle as the offhand weapon
-Get a Vladof grenade (any grenade works, just don’t forget you have them)
-Lean towards class mods that boost health regen, Sexual Tyrannosaurus/Ain’t Got Time to Bleed.
Wanna see what I mean? Do all that, then go fight Master Gee. Leave about 5 acid pools up. Stand still, don’t shoot, be amazed that you’re constantly at full health.

I don’t play a lot of Axton, but I’m sure there are plenty of people who can defend his skill sets. When I first started (Axton was my first character) the turret did seem underpowered. Last time I played Axton it did it’s job. As for Axton, he’s actually very well rounded with every type of gun. That’s kind of his thing. He also makes for a very powerful sniper if you don’t like Zer0.

Yeah, I agree, DT kind of sucks. Am I using him wrong? Maybe.

Why is a Maliwan launcher the best in the game, stronger than a nuke? This is Borderlands, your real world logic has no place here!

Non elemental weapons suck? Have you ever picked up a Jackobs weapon?


Are you even using skills like Strength of 5 Gorillas, Upshot Robot and Sharing is Caring?

The fastball, tina grenades, antagonist,Flame of the Firehawk, DT, and Unforseen would like a word with you my good sir! :grin:

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Which content is he weak against? He’s one of the easiest to solo through OP8, and he’s one of the best classes for soloing most raid bosses (outside of Terra, probably). Noting your earlier points, I’ll lay this out to show a pattern.

Vs Hyperius: throw down turrets to block novas, use Tediore chuck/swap shenanigans, or even Beehawk without using a turret.

Vs Invincible Son of Craw: throw down turrets to manage Craw, shoot, shoot, shoot.

Vs Vora: chucking shenanigans

Vs Master Gee: throw turrets down to trap him in the acid pool

Vs Pete: throw turrets down to trap him so that you can easily break line of sight

Vs Dragons: throw turrets down between you and the down-dragon

There are videos showing just about all of this.


It always gets me a bit when people say something needs work, but don’t elaborate on what is wrong or how it should be fixed.

What about Axton do you find inadequate for OP8? What solutions do you have in mind to fix it?

If you want to buff his damage, how would do so? Do you give him more potent damage skills? A multiplicative boost? More splash damage boosts? More turret damage?

How do you suggest this be done?
Would it totally break the current balance in a noticable and negative fashion ?

Once you’re aware of what you want to fix and how you want it done, it makes sense (and becomes much easier) to ask for changes to be made.