List of triple augment shields/grenades (COMPLETED)

This thread contains the names of all triple augment shields and grenades in the game.

LAST UPDATE: February 17, 2022

Here is an example of each:

Bullet Hose Shield (triple Trigger Happy augment)

Mimeographing Tracker grenade (triple Divider augment)

The “Homing” augment for the grenade is from the manufacturer (Atlas) and is not considered the same as the other augments.


  • Berserker Shield (Roid)
  • Bullet Hose Shield (Trigger Happy)
  • Chelonian Shield (Turtle)
  • Flash Protocol Shield (Fleet)
  • Harmonized Shield (Adaptive)
  • Impatient Shield (Delay)
  • Ironside Shield (Fortify Charge)
  • Juiced Shield (Booster)
  • Killswitch Shield (Power Charge)
  • Maximum Capacity Shield (Capacity)
  • Medicinal Shield (Health Charge)
  • Mirror Shield (Reflect)
  • One Shotter Shield (Amp)
  • Ravenous Shield (Absorb)
  • Scout Shield (Vagabond)
  • Self-Medicating Shield (Brimming)
  • Stockade Shield (Projected)
  • Super Charged Shield (Recharge Rate)
  • Supernova Shield (Nova)
  • T.H.I.C.C Shield (Health)
  • Thorned Shield (Spike)
  • Uninhibited Shield (Adrenaline)
  • Untouchable Shield (Resistant)
  • ??? Shield (Safe-Space)^


  • Amalgamator grenade (Link)
  • Baby Maker grenade (MIRV)
  • Bullet Hell grenade (Artillery)
  • Colossal grenade (Large)
  • Drencher grenade (Rain)
  • Elastic grenade (Bouncy)
  • Enduring grenade (Blight/Corrupter/Chiller/Flamer/Tesla)
  • Event Horizon grenade (Singularity)
  • Fixative grenade (Sticky)
  • Gigaton grenade (Nuke)
  • Jumping Jack grenade (Jumping)
  • Mimeographing grenade (Divider)
  • Primordial grenade (Elemental Damage)
  • Sapping grenade (Generator)
  • Swole grenade (Roider)
  • Trust Fund grenade (Money)
  • Vampiric grenade (Transfusion)
  • ??? grenade (Force)^
  • ??? grenade (Mini-MIRV)^

^The current consensus is that these augments cannot appear in triples. If you find one of these, video evidence is REQUIRED to prove it was a legit drop.


Triple Singularity = Event Horizon, pulls enemies in for 2.0 seconds.

I can post a picture, but it’s a phone screenshot with very low quality ( zoomed in )

It’s cool not entirely necessary just for us to oogle at.

Also I should have known this my friend found one the other day but I couldn’t for the life of me remember the name, so thanks.

Btw a triple force grenade sounds mad fun lmao


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Mild update, I’ve found the augment for each type of element. They add a special effect to the grenade and are separate from pure elemental effects. For example, Flamer puts down a flamethrower turret, Tesla creates a shock beam between enemies, etc.

I’ve found a grenade with x2 Blight which suggests you can indeed get a triple for these augments. They are super rare on their own so it may be a while before we find them.

On another note, if anyone has experience modding the game maybe you can give a hand and move this process along? PM me if you can do this we will chat.

Triple Bouncy = Elastic Grenade, bounces up to 7 times

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Somewhat a necro, but this hasn’t made the list yet.

That’s fine dude. These are so rare it’s gonna take a while to find them all.

Nice find I’ll add it.

Shield to add

Ravenous Shield (triple Absorb augment)
Uninhibited Shield (triple Adrenaline augment)
T.H.I.C.C Shield (triple Health augment)

Nades to add

Primordial grenade (triple Elemental Damage augment)
Baby Maker grenade (triple Mirv augment)
Enduring Contact grenade (triple Flamer augment)
Enduring grenade (triple Tesla augment)

All farmed by me and on mules can give pics if a requisite.

x3 items are kinda my thing.

One likely impossibility on your list though. I don’t believe mini-mirv can spawn without first having a mirv. I have a few of double mini-mirv cluster-f*ck grenades but I am guessing the mini cannot naturally come by itself.



EDIT: Also yea I see either MIRV MIRV MiniMIRV or MIRV MiniMIRV MiniMIRV all the time but never MIRV x3 or Minimirvx3. I’ll keep them on the list until we can confirm they don’t exist.

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I would think a MIRV X3 would be a legit roll, I do think that you need a MIRV roll to allow mini MIRV on the 2nd and 3rd though. I hope I’m wrong, that would be pure chaos in a grenade.

Do you have a picture of the triple Tesla and triple Flamer? They both are called Enduring but you put one as Enduring Contact, which contact is a prefix from the mfc (Tediore I think). So if they both have the same triple aug prefix then all of those ones do and we can cross them all off the list.


x3 mirv is legit. I have one. was referring to x3 mini-mirv. I’ve never seen a solo mini-mirv roll

It’s always after either Mirv or Rain.

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My bad, looks like they have identical names for bother flamer and tesla. The icon is the same, the differentiator is only the elemental part. Also shock is a time where the incendiary is a burst count

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Here is the baby maker x3 mirv


Yea I’m just going to list all these as Enduring.


The Triple Adrenaline shield is legit

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Nice find.

Vampiric grenade is confirmed. Found this in the machine outside Agonizer.