List of triple augment shields/grenades (WIP)

everything that doesn’t have a ??? in front of it is confirmed.


Thanks for this list. I’ve been trying forever to hunt down a triple Vagabond shield, so at least knowing what it’s called will perhaps make it easier.

Side note: Heh, while I was writing this post, I just ran across a 3x Bouncy (Elastic Contact Grenade). This thread must be good luck, I guess!

The same happened to me with just now! Hope one day a Supernova will show up for me.


Another for the list boss


Smashing baby. :+1:


Wouldn’t three Mirv’s make 27 grenades? The item card says 9. That’s only 2 sets of Mirv’s.

No. On grenades stacking multiple of the same part usually weakens the outcome. In this case a babymaker splits once and produces 9 child grenades. Triple MIRV doesn’t MIRV multiple times, it just gets more child grenades on split.

This is why the go-to grenade for high numbers of hits is the Cloning Maddening Tracker. It splits in flight, each of those then MIRV into 3 new grenades on hit which all bounce and track. Instead of say a triple divider that just splits into 4 grenades total or triple MIRV which splits to 9 on impact, you get a lot more milage out of 1 each of divider, mirv, and (bounce or mini-mirv for non-trackers)

(This was supposed to be a direct response to Fnq)


Mirv (no matter how many rolls) source from the same original grenade.

Mini-Mirvs are the cascade splits that that result from each mirv split.

the babymaker, yes, only produces 9. However the mirv-tackular cluster-f*ck produces 24 total ( 6 from the 2 mirv rolls, then 3 each from those 6 resulting in 18 total mini-mirv bomblets)

the reason the cloning maddening tracker hits so many times is each of the 6 nades can bounce upwards of 3 times each and they’re all tracking.

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Yep, so single mirv is 3, double mirv is 6 and triple mirv is 9. It only determines how make nades split from the initial one.


I just noticed that you miss this one


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From the cold hands of a dead mule


That’s honestly pretty nice, I wondered how the 3X Adaptive stacked. Have seen doubles but never the triple nipple.

Thank you sir.

So I was going over this to see what wasn’t listed and noticed something.

Isn’t Lingering the prefix for the Blight attachment?

You know what, I got the list of augments from this chart, which has “Lingering” listed as an augment but it’s a placeholder for all the elemental effects like Blight. I’ll take it off the list.

A Bird and A Duck, if you guys see this thank you for the info but PLEASE redo some of your charts they are not very clear or easy to understand if I am being honest.

EDIT: Also according to their chart it seems that Force augment for grenades only comes in x1. I’m not sure if I’ve ever see x2, I’ll leave it for now until we can confirm.

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Okay, so found a grenade with a Corruptor roll and it is also listed as Lingering.

I think Lingering may be the prefix for all single/double rolled AoE element grenades while Enduring covers all elements of triple roll. Not going to guarantee any of that though.

That makes sense. I think they just called it Lingering as a blanket term for those augments, as they all share the same prefixes.

I just took it off the list. We already confirmed 2 of the lingering elemental augments as having Enduring as the prefix, which if they all share Lingering means they all share Enduring.

Only got a couple more to finish the list. Pretty sure since we can’t have more than x1 Force and more than x2 MINI Mirv that means grenades are done but I’ma leave 'em on the list for now until we figure it out entirely.

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This is a pity if true, a X3 Force grenade sounds hilarious. I’m not sure if I have ever even seen a X2 though

It’s a little rapey… but there is actually a Force Clusterf*ck…