List of Unique weapons, Legendary weapon, etc

So, I started playing again recently, with the notion of obtaining every unique, legendary, seraph and pearlescent weapon. I’m already well into the hunt, but back when I started a few months ago, I couldn’t find any list of all the weapons I’d be looking for. I made my own one as a spreadsheet, and just had the idea of posting it on a forum, if anyone else was looking for the same type of list.

It has (hopefully) all Blue rarity uniques on one sheet, Purple rarity on the next, E-tech after that, then Legendary, Seraph, and finally Pearlescent.
Each sheet is organized by Item Type (pistol, relic, smg, etc.), and should have the weapon’s name, type, possible element, manufacturer, where it can be found, and it’s red text.
Hovering over each red text will show a note box describing what the special effects are.
There also should be a link to a wiki for the weapon and for whoever drops it.

As the list is meant to be used to keep track as you go for 100% completion, crossing things out is necessary. Sadly this can be difficult with Google Docs. Your best bet, I’d say, would be to first copy/download your own version of the list, then use strike-through (ctrl + shift + 5) on whatever item you’ve just found. It’s not a brilliant method, but it’s the best I can think of.

The link to the list is below, and please feel free to tell me where I could improve it for ease of access, or where I’ve messed up (there’s probably a few places), cause it’s far from perfect.

Borderlands 2 Legendary List

2019 Edit:
Hello, it’s been awhile. I’ve decided to remove the ability to comment on the list. If you’d like to use the list, I’d suggest downloading it or copying it to your own google drive. Happy Hunting!


great job man!


Great job!

Personally I’ve got a few things from just looking at it real quick.

  • (Personally OCD/opinion) I’d make it all 1 business like font like the “Dropped By” section.
  • Since when was the Bearcat in the Pixies’ loot pool?
  • The Warrior Legendaries are also dropped by the Handsome Sorcerer.
  • All Pearlescents are Tubby drops.
  • Maybe specify what mode the Seraph items are in the vendors/a raid drop.
  • IDK if it is possible with Google Docs, but since it was made as a “100% completion” list, maybe a way to check off which items you have found.
  • Things like the Kiss of Death, Shredifier, Sledge’s Shotgun, ect… are technically also in Hyperius’ loot pool. I’m sure there is more stuff like this.
  • The Bee is also in the loot pool of some of the Treeants in the TTAoDK DLC.
  • Maybe Heads and skins if you are so inclined. (I know you said weapons, but you also did shields, relics, grenades, ect… Just a suggestion)
  • Pyrophobia, ect… From the secret boss in Hollowed Hallow.
  • Neogenator form Sully the Black Smith in Hollowed Hallow.
  • Thunderball Fist and Tinderbox (I think) from Sparky in SoC HH pack.

All of these are just suggestions. I might come back later and look at it more in depth when I have time. And again great job. :acmaffirmative:

Thanks for the help! Most of the information was pulled from wikis, so I knew it wasn’t gonna be perfect, but honestly just didn’t know. I’ll be sure to change/add stuff next chance I get! I think you’re right about the font too, and I also kinda forgot about skins and heads, but I’ll add them in :sweat_smile:

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Looks good

Nice- anyway to mention the fact that some legendary items can occur as world drops form other sources like red chests, other bosses, LLM, etc?

Is it bad that I can tell you where everyone one of these come from without a list? Looks good btw. :thumbsup:

Ill add it in :slight_smile: