List of Wants bl2

Not that I need them but the list would include
All op8 unless stated otherwise

For my dahl allegiance build:

Purple Dahl allegiance relic.
Corrosive flying sandhawk
NE flying sandhawk
High booster chance wtf

Non dahl gear
Longbow sticky quasar(hell any quasar lol)
Longbow sticky stormfront(same as quasar)
6 may size slow projectile speed purple durp
Redundant fire fibber
Casual carnage
Boss bekah
High pellet count(cant remember prefix )conference call-fire shock and corrosive op8

For exchange I’ve got multiple mules full of gemstone weapons. Various assortment of legendaries at 72-op8 Also have level 35 legendaries. Quite a few gem 2 clasmods just ask. Sadly one a op6 bladed Bekah for gen 2 pearls.

i have a lot of gear… sent me a message on xbox live gt=forum name

I got Godfinger, wild bekah, and longbow quasar 0 fuse time. GT: BronzeWall6687

Sorry for the late replies guys. I’m cst so I’ll message both of you and we can work things out👍


i got corrosive sandhawk, flying, dahl parts

i had a NE one but i got rid of it because it was a waste of space. why do you need one?