List of weapons I tried to farm, Need Advice!

I am kind stuck on OP, so I think it’s time to get better equipment. My build is OC+LBT with DT as decoy.
Here is a list I came up, need some advice!

Assault Rifles
Boss Bekah
Ferocious Hail (Fire, Shock, Corrosive)

Redundant Fibber (Shock, Corrosive)
Lady Fist (Shock, Corrosive)

Practicable Butcher (Shock, Corrosive)
Practicable Conference Call (Fire, Shock, Corrosive)
Gentle Blockhead
Rustlers Twister

Impetuous Florentine
Bulets Go Fasterifed Slagga

Sniper Rifles
Banbury Pimpernel Corrosive

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If you are stuck on a low OP level and want to get to a higher one, I would suggest farming almost none of these items because you will outlevel them quickly…

I couldn’t quite tell from your post, but that seems to be the case…so let’s look at what on the list is easy and what should wait till you get it on level…

Are you ok doing a re-set if necessary? I would suggest this if needed, as I’m going to recommend another re-set mid-OP levels unless you get someone to carry you, rocket jump glitch you or some such thing…Your gear will start tapping out around OP4-5 usually so I recommend a re-set at OP6

I don’t know Gaige well and got rocket jump glitched her to OP8 (didn’t take her to OP10 on the update) so I can’t help with your build, but there are good Gaige players on this forum who can.

On your list, the easiest and most powerful are the Sandhawk/Pimpernel/Bee combo which is ridiculously powerful and can be used with every character (even Krieg)…It just requires doing the Scarlett DLC and you just want corrosive ones, parts don’t matter as you will re-set later anyway…The Bee can be obtained quickly after re-set by farming Treeants in the 3rd level of the Tina DLC (you have to go a ways in the main story to get it from HH). You can get an Orphan Maker quickly too, but it’s a lot of farming to get a Rustler’s usually…

Other quick farms, if you have tokens, getting a good Harold isn’t super hard… You don’t even need a DPUH, a Hard or Intense one will do, aim for a Torgue grip, but again not super important…

If you have crystals, a good Florentine isn’t hard, you want a maliwan grip, but most pre-fixes are good (Apt, Consumate, Impetuous will all work)…Similarly, get an Antagonist with max stats as well if you have the crystals…If you don’t have the crystals and can’t kill Pete quickly, just forget about it till you get to higher OP’s and then can use higher level gear on L80 Pete for crystals…

Slagga is a quick farm if you have it open, it’s a bit through the main story otherwise…

The main stuff for Anarchy Gaige involves some specific Fibbers so it’s some real farming or real luck to get what you want there, it’s not easy even if you have it open…Lady Fist is much more forgiving as pretty much any one will do, you just need that quest open which is a bit into the main story…

You can get good launchers relatively easily from the Snowman chest (Topneaa’s and the like), plus you might get something else interesting along the way…The Badaboom is a relatively easy farm too, but you need Eridium Blight open (sorry to be a broken record on that point).


Sorry but this weapon list sounds like fantasy land.

Boss Bekah? You’re just going to go out and farm low OP level tubbies for a 2% chance that one of the dozen different pearls could drop? Twister? Elemental Practicable Butcher and CC?

How do you propose to get a Hail without resetting the game and playing half way through? Same with Lady Fist, Pimp and Fibber.

You could ask to trade but there aren’t going to be a lot of people with such gear in the OP3-7 area.

Perhaps a list of easily obtainable guns and other gear would be saner. Take a look here first :

It might also be helpful to post your current build - just in case there’s some optimizing to be done. Please list the COM(s) you’re using too.


I’m glad people are still getting use out of that thread. Good to see you, Jefe.


No gawdam way. Great to see you after all this time. Your handsome face is a welcome sight.


That thread has been my McNally’s Road Atlas on the peak. Without it I may never have set foot there in the first place. Many thanks are in order. Happy to see you back.


Glad to be back! Thank you for the kind words!


For peak climbing, you could make do with a good shock fibber if you keep upgrading your bee shield.
Otherwise, as jefe said, most of those items are painstaking farms not worth attempting until you’re at op10.


I am using fibber+Bee right now, it’s really hard to get through those turrets and once you are in FFYL, you are less likely get up without Bee shield’s amplifier.

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yeah, I find out it’s almost impossible, so this list is more like my ultimate goal once I reach OP10. Then do you think it’s good list for end game gaige?

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Your thread is really helpful, just wish if you could update to OP 10 one day.


Just upgrade the Bee, with an on level bee, you’re Level 80 gears will do in climbing to OP10.

Just keep your Bee up. :wink:



No need. The subsequent runs are all randomized just like the OP8 run used to be. Exactly the same.


It took me over three years to get one to drop (just sayin’) and it’s not all that great for Gaige, IMO. The Hail, OTOH…

Stick with the CC’s…easier to get and Gaige likes them better.

The gun that makes the Bekah look like an easy farm.

Lyuda over Pimp for Gaige


I juuuuuust logged on as 80 Maya, entered at the previously unlocked OP8, grabbed a purple shield, got a purple gun from Butt Stallion, used those to farm OP8 Maggie, then Hornet, then Bee, and walked to OP10. Only used the Bee vs Dukino’s Mom and Saturns. Otherwise, Maggie or Hornet with the Adaptive shield.

I used to have a lot of conversations about this here, but the Peak is about space management and planning, more than raw damage. The MVP of my gear was my level 80, low fuse Lobbed Quasar, strictly because of CC.