List of weapons that could use a buff

Since everything seems to get prepared for mayhem 2.0, I will list the weapons that are still not op, so they can possibly be used when the new difficulty kicks in^^
Ofc. I can only list what I am using/trying to use. You can list your own suggestions below if you want?

Echo: it’s not as strong as comparable splash weapons. Could use some higher firerate or faster sticky triggers. Or just more damage.

Slow hand: not really usable imo.

Red line: way too low damage and the recoil is so high, you are missing half of the shots anyway.

Destruction spinner: it could have some splash damage. In the wiki, there is still written that one of the two elements is doing splash damage. That’s not true of course.

Trevonator: considering it’s high ammo consumption, this weapon could also use higher damage to stay relevant.

Trybolt: This weapon is also not strong enough for it’s low fire rate. I doubt, anyone is using it.

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The bitch could use a crit buff.

The bearcat comes to mind in first place, very high ammo consumption and very low damage.

Ripper, low damage and the special effect it’s a bit hard to use.

AutoAimè needs a huge damage buff since it’s very difficult to make it crit.

Malak’s bane needs reduced ammo consumption and more damage, or a huge damage boost (this applies to all alien barrel snipers.).

Scorpio XL, the turret you get on reload deals very low damage and has really low health (but I feel Tediore in general needs some love).

There’s a lot more but I think those are the worst ones.

If Bearcat’s projectiles would count as actual grenades, it would be an awesome weapon for moze