List of weapons with LifeSteal?

Title. Looking for a list of legendary weapons with lifesteal for a bloodletter moze build. I was hoping there was already a comprehensive list but it doesn’t seem like it. obviously there is the ASE lifesteal anointment but I’m hoping to find some with it intrinsically. thanks!

All the Moxsy Weapons are listed here.

There’s also the King’s/Queen’s Call with 12.5% and The Cure and Sacrificial Lamb from DLC2 that get 15 and 25% respectively.

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king call leeches life?

Yep, it was also the best at it until DLC2.

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There are weapons with life steal 0.o


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perfect, thank you! I searched “lifesteal” and “life steal” and your post didn’t come up. thank you!!

Also lifesteal ≠ lifesteal. Some lifesteal is based on your actual dmg output (which IMO is how it should be for all of them), some on your “base damage” (e.g. the Hail only healing 44 HP on a 10k crit) so if the lifesteal on a weapon seems to be a bit underwhelming that’s usually why.

It needs to be changed :frowning:
Making moxxi weapons useless, is not cool

Yeah, I can understand them not wanting the gun to pass down the healing effect to stuff like grenades and pets (although I don’t see a problem with it) but at least all damage that is done as a result from the original weapon projectile hitting the target should count for the lifesteal. The Crit is said to have ~3% lifesteal which would actually be a decent amount but I did some testing with it and a ~62k hit was giving me 85 HP (FYI “3%” would have been ~1860 HP) witch is more akin to 0.137% lifesteal. This lifesteal based on “base damage” completely ruins the special effect from these weapons as mobs can easily outdamage the weapon heal even if you manage to keep up the DPS.

I was trying to use the slow hand on my moze to kinda, you know, get an alternative source of sustain. No chance^^