List your 1 main from each Borderlands game and we try to decide what play style you like

(Mega The Man) #1

An example: Mordacai/Zero/Aurelia would be a sniping preferred play style.

Here is mine:
Borderlands 1 - Mordacai
Borderlands 2 - Salvador
Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel - Nisha

Pretty obvious if you ask me, but go ahead and guess my preferred play style

(President of Jellybeans) #2

You play whatever is the most OP, but primarily gun-based over things like explosive, action skill, etc.

My second guess is just Pistol love, just because if you had no idea how OP Sal was you’d probably look at a skill like Huckleberry and be like this guy is a pistol guy.

But sure I’ll bite (I’ll go by the thing I first played with regardless of how many characters I have).

Mordy - Sal - Willy


In BL1, currently, my main is Lilith, at 69.

Merc COM with SMG Ammo Regen and damage.
Aside from a Mordy at 13, she is my only BL1 character. I got a late start…

In BL2, either ammo eating Gunzerking Sal or left hand and middle skill melee / slag / DPUH / Fire Hide of Terramorphous Krieg with a Seraph relic that boosts melee damage and action skill cool down time.

In TPS, my playstyle used to be elemental lasers / Bulwark / 3DDIE but, has evolved to cryo/explosive with Shock for backup.

My main would be Aurelia (first to solo TPS with and my only 60+ toon), but i have an Explosive / cryo Too Scoops / Fatale / shock laser / Flakker or Fragnum or Jakobs shottie Avalanche shield cryo or voltaic strafing run Oz kit with SWAB/OLT and he is devastating, currently at 54.

Although i really play Aurelia and Clappy much the same way.

Back in my laser days, CS Athena (53 right now) was my main.

(Psmales) #4

lillith bl1
maya b2
nisha tps

try to guess my play style


Oh i guess i didnt fully understand the concept of this thread lol…

(Kritchie2023) #6

BL2: Sal, Axton, Maya, Krieg, Gaige (No Zer0, sorry)
TPS: All of them

If you guessed guns and shooting things and collecting loot, you are correct.


You are funny!


(AKA Scruffy the Janitor) #8

BL1: Roland
BL2: Axton
BLTPS: Wilhelm
Mine seems obvious…

(Fuz) #9

Borderlands 1 - Mordecai
Borderlands 2 - Zer0
Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel - Wilhelm

(Mega The Man) #10

You’re right about the gun based part, though I love me some exploding enemies from Krieg and Claptrap.
As for picking them because they are op? Eh, I feel like I’ve just been lucky with my mains turning up to be super good.

(Mega The Man) #11

Your’s is a tough one btw. Mordy can be either long or short range, sal can be tank or short range, while Wilhelm can be anything really. No idea!

([In Memories Delusional - YZ]) #12

BL1: Mordi (used to be Lilith)
BL2: Gaige
BLTPS: Athena

The fact that I did post about Lilith should give a clue, I think.

As for yours, I would guess that they all pretty much “live for the kill” so to speak.
Yay, Amon Amarth reference!

(Boring Ol' Album Cover) #13

I don’t have a true main since I play as every character, so I’ll list my favorite instead.

BL1 - Lilith
BL2 - Krieg
TPS - Nisha

(Cowthulhu46) #14

Lilith, Zer0, Athena.
All got great Melee and their action skill helps you avoid damage, either by being invincible, invisible or both.

(Tru Kr) #15

BL1 Mordacai
BL2 Gaige
TPS Fragtrap

(Russell) #16

Trukr, likes character dialog and minions. What is not too like about that! :grinning:

BL1 - got it a month ago … still need to play
BL2 - Krieg
TPS - Timmothy


BL1- Lilith
BL2- Krieg
TPS- Athena

The builds for Krieg and Athena probably make it apparent.

(Dairyzeus) #18


(Guajiro Pandoreño) #19

Main? As in, one character I prefer more than others? I literally hold the down arrow key at the character selection screen so the selection reticle scrolls through the characters, I look away from the screen, and randomly let go for my decision (sometimes I ask my wife to say, “when”). In BL2, where I have two of each, if I land on ‘create new x’, then I play the less-recently played x character. That said, there are single characters from each franchise that I don’t play, so maybe that will answer this question:

BL1 - Brick (melee/punch wasn’t my thing, and his focus on rocket launchers was a turn off, since they seem unusually weak in that game)
BL2 - Krieg (with Salvador a close second even though I ran that ding dong to OP8)
TPS - Jack (not enough items in his skill trees pique my interest, but I may warm to this character with time).

(also known as brandpanz) #20

Mordecai (Assassin)
Axton (Grenadier)
Claptrap (Sapper)


edit: added COMs because why not