List your 1 main from each Borderlands game and we try to decide what play style you like

(Boring Ol' Album Cover) #21

I ask that you give Brick another shot. He specializes in anything explosive, not just launchers. Try the Master Blaster build (look either at Gothalion’s guide on the old forums or at Frightning’s guide here) or try the Ogre class mod (Shotgun build, this is what I run with). Or mabye try a defensive build. Frightning has a lot of guides made for each of the four characters, see if you like one for Brick. It’s often the most fun builds are the less obvious ones.

(Alucard) #22

Mine are Brick(Master Blaster)
Salvador(Legendary Gunzerker)
edit(s): forgot to (and how) add class mods.

(Guajiro Pandoreño) #23

[quote=“ACNAero, post:21, topic:304031”]I ask that you give Brick another shot.[/quote]I may. I only have him at like level 5… it’s just BL1 plays so weird after playing BL2/TPS for so long. :person_frowning:


Thunder and lightning


Mano a mano



Warrior class

(Some1 Sniped U) #25

BL1: Mordecai
BL2: Krieg
TPS: Aurelia/Wilhelm

(Ronny6694) #26

BL2:Salvador although Krieg is a very close second
BL TPS:Athena

([In Memories Delusional - YZ]) #27

Actually one of them.

(Jessica Noire) #28


It’s rather simple.
Bonus points if you can figure out why I like Lilith’s Japanese Voice Actress :3

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Never thought of it like this… Maybe I should channel my inner Jeremy Clarkson.

([In Memories Delusional - YZ]) #30

I need to surpress the urge to release my inner Captain Slow.

(Berserker) #31

BL1) Brick
BL2) Krieg/Salvadaor
TPS) Wilhelm

(Watcher on the wall) #32

BL1 - Mordecai
BL2 - Zero
TPS - Nisha

Your playstyle : You like the big, strong yelling type.

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(G Ross2276) #34

You obviously enjoy the afk toons in the games

(Shaolincfh) #35

oh man this is tuff… ill go with the toons i played the most…
1 - Roland
2 - Sal/Axton
TPS - Athena

(Berserker) #36

You enjoy assassins/precision characters.

That’s one way of putting it. :smile:

(Zamb92) #38

You like massive damage, range doesn’t matter. Gotta kill fast

ELEMENTAL!!! My own second favorite, I planned to respec into xiphos once I could get bloodrush, but after playing with ceraunic storm, I never looked back.

As for me:
BL1 - Lilith
BL2 - Zer0
TPS - Athena

No-one will ever guess my preferred playstyle, oh no

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Hmm… Ah ha! You like EXPLOSIONS!!!

I’d like that cookie now, since I got the answer right.

(Zamb92) #40

([In Memories Delusional - YZ]) #41

Something, something, melee?