List your 1 main from each Borderlands game and we try to decide what play style you like


No-brainer here:

BL1 - Elemental-focused Lillith
BL2 - Melee Zer0
BLTPS - Melee/CS Athena

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Started with Axton in BL2 and then moved to Zer0 after. Gaige has a special place in my heart.

In TPS, started with Athena, moved to Wilhelm and now I’m loving Nisha with a Rustler COM and Jakobs weaponry.

Dunno, I usually start with the “safe” class and move to something more hybrid and skilled/rewarding. I like to use different kind of guns and love Jakobs from the start, so I guess Nisha and Zer0 fit right in.


In BL1 I mained Mordecai, but I switched to Brick.
In BL2 I played a while with Krieg, but switched to Zer0
And in TPS I play WIlhelm most of the time^^

(Camillion) #65

In BL 1 I used Roland so I could pretty much have a second shooter when I played solo.
BL 2 it was Kreig running both his middle and right skill tree so that he had a flame and Axe damage output.
Finally in PS I used a Athena focusing on damage output an the shielding traits.

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BL1 Mordy:Gunslinger BL2 Zer0:Melee TPS Jack:SMGs. I like Jack alot but im really sad TPS doesn’t have a glass cannon character that is actually fun to play as Nisha just takes no skill to play as horrible character design :cry:

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You like to take full control over the battle.
My choice in most played:
Mordecai (3 days), Maya (8 days) and Jack (4 days playtime)

(Killing Floor 2) #69

I do love mah Jackobs but actually it’s their abilities to get up close and personal with the enemy and unload my weapons point blank. I think Athena is the epitome of this, she doesn’t go into another dimension or trap people, she runs and dashes right towards the gunfire screaming and laughing at the useless act of enemies firing at the Aspis. She fits my absolute aggression gaming playstyle perfectly.

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I’m just trying to purposly pick the wrong answer. Because lol. You picked the elemental characters, I pick the non-elemental brand

(Killing Floor 2) #71

Jackobs has one of the best elemental weapons in any game. Maya + Twister = Godlike!

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You know what I mean

(Killing Floor 2) #73

Ha yeah but it gave me an excuse to tell my actual playstyle. :stuck_out_tongue:

*Edit Sorry for going OT.

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Heh… :grinning:

Mord: Pistols!

Nisha: Dual Pistols!

Salvador: Dual Anything!

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1.0: Lilith
1.5: Athena
2.0: Axton/Maya. Also, Gaige (to a lesser extent).

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I guess you like highly mobile characters with potent shield skills and damage mitigation.

For me, it was

Pretty simple, I know.

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Brick haven’t play much bl1
Jack haven’t played much tps

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Old thread, but cool topic!

I’d guess Piemanlee likes rugged types and EXPLOSIONS. Probably would play as Torgue if it were an option!

BL1: Mordecai, nearly as much time on Roland
BL2: Axton and Maya tied, also OP8 Sal.
TPS: Jack. Next favorite: more Jack!

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Yeah you guessed it
As for you I’d say your more of a tactical solo player

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Since this got bumped, I’ll do it in reverse

I’m a control freak and have been accused of micro managing, who do I play?

(Here comes the BOOOOM) #82

BL1-Lilith or Mord
BL2- Maya (duh)
TPS- Jack (duh again)