List your 1 main from each Borderlands game and we try to decide what play style you like

(Here comes the BOOOOM) #103

So you like iron skin, explosions, and fisticuffs with a bit of snarling or crying on the side :wink:.


BL1: Lilith
BL2: Krieg
TPS: Athena

(Here comes the BOOOOM) #105

You like setting things on fire and saying ■■■■ you to damage.

(Ultratunaman) #106

if i can’t be in their face when it gets blown up i’m not doing something right. long distance, hiding behind boxes, snipers, none of that is for me. up close, personal, and lots of second winds.

(matthewgarmsiri) #107

BL1: mordecai- general good stuff with a slight revolver preference
BL2: Axton- a slightly tweaked grenadier build focusing on the fastball and maliwan snipers
BLTPS- a toss up between melee Athena and jack whose build I change often

(The Bearer of Pie and Best user of English) #108

You like characters who can be good with almost anything

(matthewgarmsiri) #109

With a game that features so many weapons I like to be able to play characters with flexible build options so that I can get the most of it and not be limited to one or two viable/powerful builds.

(Rhys) #110

Ok here we go…

Borderlands 1: Roland
Borderlands 2: Axton
Pre Sequel: Jack

Looks like I like support things (turrets, digi-jacks) but idk whatever you guys think.

(matthewgarmsiri) #111

You seem like you like to play by yourself, but always have reliable back up at a moments notice

(wry) #112

BL1 - Lilith
BL2 - Zer0
BLTPS - Athena

(SlopingDrake657) #113

BL1 - Brick
BL2 - Axton
BLTPS - Nisha

(matthewgarmsiri) #114

Melee? Personally I love melee Athena and melee Lilith

(Here comes the BOOOOM) #115

If you specced your Axton with Grit, I imagine you like to play god-like characters that can continuously come back from the brink of death.

(matthewgarmsiri) #116

I’m going to say characters that give you the most BANG for your buck, get it? Because explosive? Anyone? Anyone?


Haven’t done BL1. So I’ll make it a bit different:

BL2: Maya
Second fav: Gaige

TPS: Aurelia
Second fav: Jack’s double, ■■■■ what’s his name? I’m sleepy. Jack?

(Today, everything was fine in Opportunity and nothing bad happened.) #118

I’d imagine you’re all about dealing high amounts of elemental damage while adding survivability through your action skill.

(David A.) #119

BL1: Roland (no exposure to Borderlands media, played alone on console)

BL2: Axton (same as above) --> Maya (after discovering Borderlands videos and the forums and realizing I was doing everything wrong lol) Zer0 is my secondary.

TPS: Jack. Never thought I could love anyone more than Athena but damn! But Nisha and Clappy are fantastic characters. I really wanted to like Aurelia and Wilhelm, but I just thought they were kind of limited, more so than I’ll admit I believe Gaige and Krieg were, although I’m constantly inspired by people who’ve managed to optimize them! :thumbsup:

(Maagnoguido) #120

BL1: settled on Lilith as Main (originally Mordecai)
BL2: Axton all day long. His turrets are too much fun
BL:TPS: Wilhelm: Sadistic mechanoman with pets? Yes please.

(Today, everything was fine in Opportunity and nothing bad happened.) #121

I’m gonna guess you like to get in the middle and deal out a bunch of damage and then find a way to get out when things get a little to hectic for your tastes.

(Maagnoguido) #122

Ahahahaah. Yes, yes indeed. Almost a hit and run style, but I like to push the hitting for as long as I can.