List your 1 main from each Borderlands game and we try to decide what play style you like


BL1 - Roland
BL2 - Gaige
BL:TPS - Wilhelm

(Lethal Ga Me R45) #124

Kind of a curve ball in the end. Seems to be melee but jack throws it off. What do y’all think?

(The Bearer of Pie and Best user of English) #125

Explosive and/or shotguns


BL: Lilith
BL2: Axton


BL: Mordecai
BL2: Maya
TPS: Athena
I guess they are not related in play style :slight_smile:

(Just Your Average Dead Guy) #128

BL: Lilly
BL2: Gaige
TPS: Nisha

I could’ve put Sal for BL2, but the more I play Gaige the more I love her, so she wins.