Literally blood filled guns character (Admiral Bahroo's idea)

So in one of Admirals Bahroos latest videos on his revisit borderlands series he mentioned a character that was based on risk and used literally blood filled guns and I thought I would expand upon that so this is what I have so far.

Action skill: The Blood Donator
Character pulls out his signature weapon that is hooked up to his blood stream with fires blood loaded cartridges draining his health as he fires (over using can kill you) damage goes up depending on percentage of health (lower = more) 100% = 1% damage. 1% health = 100% damage. Drains 0.5% health per bullet allowing for 200 bullets health regen allowed during the skills. Cool down 65 seconds. Base fire rate 5 bullets second. Duration of skill 40 seconds.

Casting animation: pulls out a cannula and jams into his arm and pulls out the gun and begins shooting. Cannula wrapped around his forearm needle hanging off the side and grabs it to cast his skill
Running out of duration animation: Yanks out the cannula out of his forearm and drops it down to hang off the side and puts his gun away
Going down because of overuse of the skill: Needle of the cannula bursts out of his arm spurting blood as he drops the gun and squeezes his arm, bleed out time doesn’t start until animation is over.

I am working on a full skill tree but thats currently in the works and updates will come along.

meh… to be viable the damage should be much higher… like 1000% at 1 health or something like that… it is a cool idea but a weapon that does 100% extra dmg for having 1 health… just use a matching element gun wich is 75% and keep your health instead of that non elemental gun… because the devs wont make it elemental as it would render the action skill completely useless on some enemies…another idea would be like you said, 100% but give it a Nth degree effect on every bullet… and make the gun last like 15 seconds max… so basicly evrey bullet that hits an enemy would ricochet off to every enemy in the whole area… because just making a action skill that only gives more damage is kinda… meh… its not bad its just kinda boring or unoriginal

im replying to myself im very lame but im really liking my idea lol… that it would be like Nth degree but on every bullet… it could ricochet off like 5 enemies per bullet or something… then youd obviouly have skills to boost cooldown… maybe one kind of like ruin that would put dots on enemies…

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I really dont think you got what i was saying…
Its not a buff to the gun he is using, its his totally own gun, a whole new one similar to a mini-gun or something and its not 1 health its 1% health, i appreciate the feedback but please read everything first, and as I said im working on a skill tree and i dont have many ideas for that yet but im working on it but the ricochet idea is good if can integrate it some how.

i dont think you realized whati said then. i did read but you said when your character has 1% health, the gun would do 100% damage… wich i said was kinda of weak because gearbox wouldnt make that gun elemental so 100% extra damage is weak compared to the 75% multiplicative from matching elements… the reason i dont think gearbox would make it elemental is because if they were to make his action skill gun fire, it would make his action skill useless on alot of enemies. what you could do is make it like the gun the main female character has in the tales from the borderlands… where she could choose what element it shoots… so when you activate your action skill, there would be a command to choose what element you want it

LIke Timothy’s wrist-laser in TPS?