Literally blood filled guns character idea

So a few days ago i said i would work on a character design that bahroo mentioned in a video a few days prior. Well now after a few days of some thinking chatting with friends and 10 minutes on paint drawing some really simple art because i cant draw. HERE YOU GO…I guess.

I Apologise for the length of this but it is a full 3 skill trees with descriptions and a fair amount of detail.

Props to Bahroo for mentioning a literally blood filled guns idea because with out that this would never exist. My only issue is now i really want to exist and i really want to play it. Oh well

Character: Terry as The “Doctor”
Action Skill: The Blood Donator

Terry lived most of his life wanting to help people after watching his father bleed to death after being shot by a group of raiders that attacked his home when he was a child. As he grew up he spent most of his time studying bullet wounds and other injuries from several people around his town that were shot and figuring out ways to help cure them and stop the bleeding he joined the closest medical school he could and was excelling in everything he could take part in. Until one day he got his hands on his first gun and decided that he wanted to use that instead, so he began to study the bodies differently, he began to study how he could use his current medical training from the academy and his own studies as a weapon. One day when he was doing a blood test he used a cannula to get an IV bag full of blood to begin a test and then he realised it, he could store the blood in IV bags he just needed a way to start using it. Terry soon developed a cartridge for his own gun that could actively be filled with blood and fired from his gun that he custom modified to take these cartridges. He soon pitched the idea to his doctors and gave them a live demonstration but they denied it due the ability to get blood to fire the weapon was too hard. So he went home trying perfect his idea and thought “why not just use my blood”. Terry saw the genius in his idea and took it back to his doctors and they boycotted it and got him kicked out of the med school for being too crazy and dangerous. Now at the age of 23 Terry roams the borderlands with his homemade contraption and a cannula wrapped around his arm to source the ammo killing bandits hunting for the guy who murdered his father and loving every second of it, after two weeks of being on his own he totally forgot why he was there and now just hunts for mercenary work around the borderlands.

Shortened back story:
Terry studied at medical school for all his life before he got his hands on a gun and decided he wanted to use that and hunt down the gang that killed his father after a lot of time in medical school he soon figured a way to use his own blood as a weapon and perfected the idea. Terry set out into the borderlands to hunt down the killer of his father and after two weeks of hunting decided that killing bandits was way too much fun and now simply works as a mercenary for the highest bidder.

Action skill Description:
Character pulls out his signature weapon that is hooked up to his blood stream with fires blood loaded cartridges draining his health as he fires (over using can kill you) damage goes up depending on percentage of health (lower = more) 100% = 1% damage. 1% health = 100% damage. Drains 0.5% health per bullet allowing for 200 bullets health regen allowed during the skills. Cooldown 70 seconds. Base fire rate 5 bullets second. Duration of skill 40 seconds. Damage boost is additive.

Casting animation:
pulls out a cannula and jams into his arm and pulls out the gun and begins shooting. Cannula wrapped around his forearm needle hanging off the side and grabs it to cast his skill
Running out of duration animation:
Yanks out the cannula out of his forearm and drops it down to hang off the side and puts his gun away
Going down because of overuse of the skill:
Needle of the cannula bursts out of his arm spurting blood as he drops the gun and squeezes his arm, bleed out time doesn’t start until animation is over.

AFK Dialogue:
“uhhh why did I come into the borderlands again?”
“This is the longest time where I haven’t been shot at…. it’s kinda weird”
Looking at Skills dialogue:
“which one of these can hurt me- I mean them, more?”

Revive dialogue:
“Man, have you NEVER done this before?”
Being Revived dialogue:
“I may or may not have forgotten the safe word.”

Dialogue for activating The Blood Donator:
“I don’t even know why this idea was boycotted!?”
“Didn’t you hear that blood donation is a great charity?!”

Com design:
Terry is wearing a belt that has a blood bag hanging off the side and the com changes the colour of the blood in the bag or the actual bag its self and adds a symbol onto the bag.

Super Simple Design Art Design.

Terry him self

Terrys gun

Tree 1: Masochist

Heart Attack: Skill 1:
Fire rate The Blood Donator increases depending on how low your health is of by a maximum of 20/40/60/80/100% (100% health is 1% fire rate; 1% health is 100% fire rate)

Caustic Bleeding: Skill 2:
While Profuse bleeding is active grants an innate spike effect that reflects 20/40/60/80/100% melee damage back as corrosive damage.

It hurts so good: Skill 3:
Taking damage while using The Blood Donator will build stacks of “It hurts so good” max 20 stacks. Gain 0.2/0.4/0.6/0.8/1% speed bonus per stack
Gaining stacks only works off taking health damage. Can only gain one stack every 1 seconds. Taking damage resets cool down of all stacks. Stacks have a cool down of 5 seconds. Decay at a rate of 1 stack per 2 seconds.
Dialogue for gaining stacks:
“I get nothing but a kick out of this!”
“What? You thought that was gunna slow ME down?!”

Blood, sweat ‘n’ Tears: Skill 4:
During the duration of The blood donator increases damage resistance by 15/30/45/60/75%
Works like normal borderlands damage resistance. Is 75% if base damage resistance not 75% less damage from enemies.

Bloody Blast: Skill 5:
Enemies explodes for 30/35/40/45/50% of damage that killed them
Is not overkill damage, they explode with 50% of the damage that caused their death.

Blood Lover: Skill 6:
Being the radius of a Bloody Blast covers you in blood granting 10/15/20/25/30% damage resistance.
30% of base damage resistance not 30% less damage.

Profuse Bleeding: Skill 7:
Taking Damage Causes you to bleed more and overload the gun increasing fire rate by 30% and increases damage by 15% for 5 seconds
Effects cannot stack. Effect can only be activated once every 10 seconds. 10 seconds cool down does not start until the effect ends. Additive of base damage.

Faster Metabolism: Skill 8:
Increases the duration of The Blood Donator by 3/6/9/12/15 seconds.

Vampire: Skill 9:
Kill Skill: Killing an enemy grants you 2/4/6/8/10% life steal of all damage.

Thick Skin: Skill: 10
Using The Blood Donator grants you 5 seconds of invulnerability to all damage except the health drain of the blood donator.

TREE 2: Sadist

Hairline trigger: Skill 1:
Increases damage and Fire rate with assault rifles by 3/6/9/12/15%

Speed Reload: Skill 2:
Increase reload speed with all weapons by 4/8/12/16/20%

Thrombocytopenia: Skill 3:
Reduces cooldown of The Blood Donator by 10/12.5/15/17.5/20 seconds

Enhanced blood bags: Skill 4
Increases the magazine size of the blood donator by 20/40/60/80/100 rounds

Autopsy report: Skill 5
Increased critical damage by 15/20/25/30/35% and increase chance for random critical hits by 2/4/6/8/10%
Random critical hits mean that any part of the body has a 10% chance to be crit. Proccing a random crits on the head does deal double crit damage. The crit damage increase affects the random crits

Blood Transfusion: Skill 6:
Kill skill: Killing an enemy grants 0.4/0.8/1.2/1.6/2% health regen a second for 5 seconds

Blood clot: Skill 7:
The blood donator now has a chance to suck in a blood clot causing the gun to jam and stop firing for 2 seconds. Once the gun unjams the blood clot fires out the gun splattering enemies in blood causing them to panic for 5 seconds. Gain 70% damage resistance while gun is jammed.
70% of base damage resistance not 70% less damage.

Assault Rifle fanatic: Skill 8:
Using assault rifles gains stack of assault rifle fanatic which grant increased assault rifle clip size by 0.4/0.8/1.2/1.6/2% per stack. Max stacks 50.

Rapid infusion: Skill 9:
Getting kills with The Blood Donator gain stacks of Rapid Infusion each stack of rapid infusion will regenerate 2.2/2.4/2.6/2.8/3% health when The Blood Donator runs out. Max stacks 20.

Polycythaemia Vera: Skill 10
Activating The Blood Donator reduces movement speed by 20% and increases damage by 30% and increases the health drain rate of using The Blood Donator by an additional 0.5%
The 30% damage bonus is multiplicative after all additive effects.

TREE 3: Sympathetic.

No more “Doctor”: Skill 1:
Shooting team mates with The Blood Donator heals them for 4/8/12/16/20% of the damage.

Not sure what this does: Skill 2:
Terry uses is medical knowledge for a more efficient revive technique. Increases Revive speed by 5/10/15/20/25% and increases second wind health of teammates after revive by 10/20/30/40/50%

Adrenaline Rush: Skill 3:
Allies revived get increased movement speed and reload speed by 10/15/20/25/30%

Consider yourself lucky: Skill 4:
Allies within 5-meter radius of the enemy you are shooting with The Blood Donator will gain 1/2/3/4/5% of the damage the enemy is taking as health.

Living blood packs: Skill 5:
Hitting an enemy with a melee attack will stun them in place for 3/6/9/12/15 seconds allowing you and your allies to shoot them and regen 3/6/9/12/15% damage back as health
Does not work or bad asses or any boss enemy

Beloved Aura: Skill 6:
Allies in a 10-meter radius around get 4/8/12/16/20% increased health and shield capacity

Skill full discharge: Skill 7:
Cancelling The Blood Donator with release a bloody explosion that covers enemies in blood stunning them for 3 seconds and instantly reviving any allies in a 15-meter radius.

Booster Packs: Skill 8:
Decrease cooldown time of allies’ action skills by 6/7/8/9/10%
Does not affect own action skill

Gather round…. “Friend’s”: Skill 9:
Allies with in a 10-meter radius of you when you cast The Blood Donator gain an instant burst of 10/25/40/55/70% health

Teamwork = Healthiness?: Skill 10:
For every alive the whole group gains 1% health regen per second. 4% health regen with a full squad.
Only works with a minimum of two players.

If you made it this far i hope you like it and thanks for reading all of it. <3

i love the trees man this is awesome… only issue is there are soooo many healing skills… it will be almost impossible to get a good blood donator bonus… with its fire rate the donator will only reduce your health by 2.5% every second and with all your heal skills they almost all overheal it… other than that, i feel like if gearbox saw this, guaranteed they implement similar ideas to their next characters… i rly like "not sure what this does"or the idea of it… i think it would be fine at 50% speed tho

you should make his 4 legendary class mods so we could figure out how he is played

The reason i added so many healing skills into this character is because i tried to factor in the fact of taking damage from enemies, i understand that the healing skills out do the blood dontator but with the damage that enemies can do to you in the higher levels not having any healing and constant health drain would almost instantly kill. Thanks for the feed back though, really appreciate it.

i wonder how strong the character would be if theres no op8 lvl… because if the health scales, the character has so much healing and damage reduction, he might be almost unkillable