Literally cant beat the experiment help

Dont know if im just bad or what but me and my friends CAN NOT finish this mission on Advanced difficulty please give some tips to help us beat this mission

Do you have a particular point that you struggle with?

My problem was the fight with Antem. He could destroy the defense cores much faster than I could attack him. I still don’t really get how his fight works, but at least I’ve been able to beat him after some practice :stuck_out_tongue:

Build Thumper and slow/stun thingy. Watch thumper kills everything.

If Antem is being an issue, the hard part is his green barrier where you have to run inside it to damage him.

Remember that Antem can be STUNNED by skills. If he’s using artil on your core, use a skil lon him to force him to stop. Anyone with a spammable or field-like skill can easily keep him stunned. Kleese rift will knock him down every pulse, permastunning him.

Stick to only a few thumpers if you want silver/gold though.

Why does the Thumper Turret amount affect score? :open_mouth:

I notice I get less score if the turrets get most of the kill.
Likely because they kill all the spawn points. You want the spawn to keep coming and headshot most of the mobs for most points.

Ah yeah, for higher scores it’s good to do a little point farming ;d Good note.

I’d recommend characters with range, and ranged mass ground skill abilities, like thorn (blight) and Toby (mine), even Ambra (extinction)… Not sure which other characters have such skills…
Basically characters that can put out something on the ground to kill/slow large masses of enemies in one go…
Also don’t under estimate the importance of turrets, set up every single one you can find ‘before’ starting each round/wave, thumper turrets are your friend…
Also make sure you ALL have a turret bots attached to you/each, if you lose it, buy another, they can help keep hordes off you and off bay…
Shards shards shards, probably equip some gear that allows you to earn shards per second, these can help with the building of turrets and bots…
Also maybe some equiped gear to do with cool down of your skills, for the masses and reasons above…
Otherwise, if at first you don’t succeed, try try again, you will get it eventually…
As Toby would say “I believe in you buddy” haha.

I’d say the medal is irrelevant when you can’t currently beat the level, take what you can get the first time, do a full run through, then when you ace the level, come back/play it again to get that gold!

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Oscar Mike has an AoE ability too. A helix upgrade,m but there is really no reason to pick the other one over it. Orendi is also a minion clearing master with her shadow pillars. With the right build, she can throw them out left and right. Galilea is also excellent… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

And yeah, going for gold when you just want to beat the level is not important. But if you want higher scores…

I’ll have to give those characters a try, haven’t used their abilities yet… And yes, high scores are nice… Im sure the player in question will give it a great shot!

…Agree, as Thorn I find ranged Blight needed and I can just shoot/hide/shoot at a safe distance.

What platform are you on? If it’s xbox one, I’ll help you out.
This was very long and very tough beginning and b end. Middle was the only easy part.

After finishing writing this i was salty and played galilea and won because galilea = Easy mode