Literally every game has aim-bot cheats

Constantly matched up against impossibly accurate thorns/marquis

Any way to report in-game other than through steam?

I must be lucky girl of the hour but I encountered just one aim-botter, a freaking Marquis that was the love child of Robin Hood and William Tell, making sniper shots while jumping with my Orendi’s pillars all over him after I blinded him and my boyfriend as Boldur in his face… or sniping me from his healing station to my healing station like he was managing a catapult and not a sniper rifle.

I really, really wanted a faster way to report the guy, in-game.

I really don’t want Gearbox to copy Blizzard in nothing Overwatch related but I want them to take the same approach of them with the ban-hammer of death. Making easy in game to report them and they going hard on them.

I hope they don’t try to get people playing at any cost because letting cheaters in game isn’t a good approach to that.

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At the moment no, but Gearbox is working on both a reporting system and an anti-cheat system. No ETA as of yet.

Good to know I’m not the only one whose encounter the Aim Botters. Thankfully for me I’ve only encountered one, a Thorn, but I swear to god I was raging to my friend I was playing with over my headset about them. I think the funniest thing is, it’s damn easy to spot an Aim botter due to just how rediculous some of the shots they make are. I must have had only my finger sticking out from behind my baseturret and yet somehow they still killed me from clean across the map. So yeah report system is well overdue. Not just for the cheaters but for the AFKers and ragers as well.

Don’t start me on ragers… please XD

I’m taking my time to get to lvl 100 (big update for FFXIV is robbing me my time :stuck_out_tongue: ), I’m near but not there and man I encountered a huge amount of ragers, rage-quitters, surrender-bitches and AFKers… Isn’t always but literally my first official pvp experience of this game was with a rager. We were a lvl 8, other guy, and me with level 11 (I promised my boyfriend that I was about to play the story just with him but he had to work hard in the two first days of realease so after repeating the first one a couple of times, I was confident enough).

This guy went rampage in chat, that people playing pvp before lvl 20 were jackasses, stupid (bigger words that than, trust me XD), he was going to go AFK, because people that didn’t have all the characters were losers in pvp, blah, blah, blah… He was angry-tying even during the video-tutorial in our base, this was meltdown. And another guy, for mic, asked him to be silenced and play.

We win, I get with the best score of my group with Thorn and the ragers was doing so bad with Deande in the match that the mic guy was tauting him all the match: C’mon, pro, play better… C’mon, Deande, you are the worst of the team.

I don’t really like people talking a lot for mic but man that was funny as hell!! XD

And… I wanted a way to report him XD

Hope they pull soon that anti-cheats system and the reporting system. We really need to clean the community from rat kids =__=

Good cheaters know when to turn off a hack, its the bad ones that get caught. Though the lack of a mechanism to verify cheating in game certain helps! How many even records all their matches on video anyway?

Unfortunately screenshots of 1.5 seconds worth of 2k damage is not enough evidence.

Maybe you mean something different than I do, but how could they have launched without some sort of anti-cheat measures in place?

That I could not tell you. I thought that they had something in place already bit from what I gather that was not the case. If they did have something it wasn’t very effective.

I’ve played 500+ PVP games and only ran into less than a handful of aim-botters. Just report them in Steam. One of the botters I reported I havn’t seen again. So there’s a little hope.

I found it ridiculously easy to hit crit locations as marquis. On thorn its a little harder because her arrow atleast to me doesn’t seem to travel as fast where as Marquis’s shots are almost instantaneous.

And I found the opposite. I’m better with Thorn, I can write a symphony with her arrows and blood on a wall but man, I hate to play as Marquis, I feel like I don’t do damage with him, like his shots take for ever.

I think the only thing I really head-shot with Marquis in this game is the Conservator on story mission :stuck_out_tongue:

Aye, I’m right there with you on the FFXIV update. It’s my main game and life stealer XD

As for ragers, I probably encounter one every 10 matches or so. Only a few have gotten under my skin, though those are mainly the ones who single me out for their hate. During the Aim Botter match I had one guy call me the worst player he’d ever seen. To which I did say I was probably facing an aimbotter and he just back chatted me, along with quite a few swears and what not. In the end I just got tired of him so I told him if he can’t play nice, I wasn’t going to play at all and went and sat behind the forcefield at base. Probably not the more calmest of things to do but yeah it felt good watching him talk big about how he could take down the aimbotter easy and getting his arse royally handed to him for it but I would have given anything to have a haressment report button.