Literally Stuck In A Glitch! I need help - n o w - please!

I’m playing The Handsome Collection (which is great.) on PS4. Doing the Claptastic Voyage DLC. I am on the Mission END OF LINE, I got to the part where I’m assuming you fight SHADOW CLAP. As soon as I entered and started attacking his minions my game had froze, so I force closed it like I usually have to do and whenever I loaded it back up I was inside the tower that Shadow Clap is in, standing behind him and there is NO WAY OUT. I DO NOT HAVE A BACK UP SAVE, NOR ANY OTHER CHARACTERS. I NEED HELP, SOMEBODY PLEASE! I do not want to lose all of my progress by having to delete my character. Help mee. PSN: xBic

Closed because I saw you posted this already, please one thread per topic