Literally unplayable: "Lost connection to server"

Ok… so, I will attempt to remain calm while I type this up.

How many people have randomly been disconnected today while in-game: thrown back to the title screen, during a match or OPs/story mission?

I’ve been running Toby’s raid (solo), or more accurately, I’ve been attempting to run it all morning. I’ve been doing well, too. Getting all the secret shards, every sub-objective: even the god-awful “kill 10 minions in 30 seconds before they even start spawning” objective.

I’ll be 40 points, 50 points, 60 points into the mission.

Me: “Wow, I’m on a roll. This is going great! Can’t wait to get to 100 OPs po…”

queue blank loading screen

Me: “Oh… no. No, no, no, no, no.”

queue title screen


queue orange “connection lost” message

Me: “…”

queue pure frustration

This is the fifth time it’s happened. My connection is fine: intact. Steam is fine: intact. No, it’s not the “your time is up” 120 minute(?) server time-out.

I know someone’s suggested it before, but perhaps temporary local backup saves wouldn’t be such a bad idea, in the event that servers are experiencing sporadic hiccups.

As it is, it feels like I’m playing an artificial perma-death mode (without the death part), where progress is dependent on server-load RNG.

It’s extremely irritating, and I think I’m done for the day.

Anyhoo, I’ll be in one of the Souls games, or replaying Dishonored if anyone needs me.


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Horray, another victim of Double Connectivity.

On Battleborn Day too, no less.

I should be surprised, but I’m not. I’m beyond the phase of being shocked by this, because this isn’t a new reason why people stopped playing this game.

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I was one of these people that mentioned possibly a five minute window for your game to stay active when playing solo for the exact reason you’re stating.

Running solo is generally what I do as I’ve been in too many groups that don’t bother trying to find ops points, but it feels risky knowing I can dc at any time for no reason.

I haven’t played today yet so I can’t speak to how the dc’s are today, but I did get a dc on thursday when it released.


It happens to us a lot.
I’ve been in games with the mods here several times when it happened to our team.

I wish i could even disconnect on Battleborn Day…
Here where i work, they just call it “Saturday”.

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“Saturday” should be “nobody has to work” day… :sob:

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I thought that was what it meant! You know… In some other language, or something.

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You tell that to the lowly schmucks in the service industry. AKA me. People NEED pizza on Saturday…


Pizza on Saturdays = should be workplace requirement!

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Nah man! I am the one delivering pizzas :sob::sob::sob:


I’d like one with missed opportunities and crushing depression, please… Ah, who am i kidding; EXTRA crushing depression. Also, i want a liter o’ cola.

The damndest thing is o can’t really not work more hours and more tips…

You sure you don’t want a large farva instead?

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Haha, i was worried that i was too vague for anyone to get that reference; i couldn’t find the right gif.

By the way, i wasn’t mocking your job (if it crossed your mind); i was just trying to order the right flavor of pizza, to celebrate my missing out on Battleborn day.

What time does it end? I’m hoping that i can sqeeze in a few hours today and tomorrow between 12:00am-2:00am U.S. Central Time.