Little late to 50, can't find post patch leggie farms

Due to work and family I’m a tad late to post endgame farms. Are there any good farm spots I could grind for leggies? Only thing I could find was Traunt and chupacabratch in mayhem. I’m running solo because my bl2 team lost interest in the series, so any good solo spots are preferred. Thanks in advance!

Graveward on Mayhem 3 is pretty much the go to boss to farm. There are some others too such as the two you mentioned, Gigamind and Tyreen aren’t bad either.

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Also if You can solo Slaughter-Shaft on Mayhem 3 I would say, go there. 20-30 minutes for 5 rounds and ~20 legendaries.

Look up how to freeze a loot tink on youtube under Glitching Queen. Super easy and can get tons of legendaries without having to be on MH3. And you go offline to guarantee loot tink spawns for convenience. Also adding in another player split screen increases the loot found. Good hunting!

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GigaMind is super simple farm and there’s a nearby fast travel/vending spot.

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If you are iffy about running M3, start on M1, do all the bosses. Save quit, load into M2, do all the bosses. Save quit, load into M3 and do all the bosses. Find a sweet spot and roll with it.

Casual build testing I start in M1, casual boss runs in M2 and hard grinds in M3.

On average I get about about 3-5 legendarys on M1 runs, 4-8 on M2, and 5-12 (RNG) on M3.

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Has GB has tinkered with the RNG for the Free weekend? I was doing a Katagawa run and he dropped 6 legendaries (2 were skins)! M3 on a level 50 Amara.

I think it might just be an RNG thing, I’ve been farming Mouthpiece today and most of the time he drops 1-2 legendaries but every now and then he’ll drop 5-6.

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Anything on Mayhem 3 is good. Best bosses for farming are probably Graveward, Captain Traunt and Gigamind.
If you happen to have a fire elemental Lyuda (you get one guaranteed Lyuda in the mail for killing all of Zer0’s targets of opportunity and you can farm the final boss in the Cistern of Slaughter (Tremendous Rex) for a Lyuda, too (just make sure to keep some enemies alive and let them kill you if you didn’t get what you wanted, that way you can restart the round instead of having to redo the entire quest), Graveward is the fastest, easiest and most profitable boss to farm by far. Just wait until he tilts the arena and then unload on his “heart” for great damage.

It should be noted that Mayhem 4 is not good for farming. Enemies have too much health and take way too long to kill.

My problem is even trying on mayhem 3 it might be better now that I’ve gotten a fire hellwalker but the last times I’ve tried graveward the stupid BA dino’s kept wrecking me lol

Yeah, that’s kind of the reason why the Lyuda is a must. It can kill Graveward before he spawns in his minions.

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