Little to strong in Capture?

I have been playing some Ambra in Capture lately and i have noticed that she is just way to strong, she can duel pretty much anyone while still supporting her team. I win most of my matches with her and usually end up with stats that look like 11/0/10 or things simular to that while also doing the most damage and healing of my team. Im not sure if its intended this way but i thought id just bring it up incase people missed it

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I don’t know what kinds of limbless mouthbreathers you’ve been playing against, but congratulations.


I was on the struggle bus in capture. I could not hold an area. That was before I unlocked her later helix and legendary item though.

The Tip for her in Control Maps is not to take points but to place a sunspot in the area and then go after the instalevel creature as soon as they spawn. Playing her this way I normally end 26/1/2 because im at max level within 8min into a match while everyone is around 5 or 6

Particular characters are more suited to particular game modes, I actually like this feature if I’m honest.

You can usually guess where they are best suited based on their class and labels on the character, for example: Galilea is “Territorial”, this tends to make her very useful for holding lanes like on meltdown, but I find her to be easier prey in capture because most players will not play her in a territorial way (instead running around on a map with several lanes). It’s similar for Ambra, she is “flexible”, allowing her the upper hand in capture if played correctly, but she tends to be weaker in single lane game modes (incursion).